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Another "Am I doing it right?" thread...

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ExBrightonBell Thu 15-Aug-13 17:21:23

Everyone makes it up as they go along really, and there is no right way to wean. smile

The idea is to have them eating family food 3 meals a day plus snacks by roughly 1yr old. How you get there is up to you and your baby. If you were doing full on BLW the idea is to offer family food at each mealtime until your baby gets the hang of handling it and eating it. Not much goes in to begin with!

I haven't any experience of weaning using purees etc, but afaik you move up through the "stages" of lumper food until they are eating family meals.

I did BLW and started with just offering bits of food when I ate, but not worrying about doing 3 meals a day if that was difficult to fit in. I think with purees and finger food that you are supposed to increase the volume and frequency slowly until by 9 months ish they are on 3 meals a day. The mumsnet weaning page has some good info on all of this. From my point of view I think it's important to follow your baby's lead as to how much food and how to give it to them (spoons, finger food etc).

Lastly I would also say that it is going to be messy at various points during the weaning process. It is important to try and relax about mess, as babies need to explore and get messy to learn about food and eating.


FriendlyElephant Thu 15-Aug-13 12:41:44

Basically, I've started weaning my DD but I feel a bit as if I'm just making it up as I go along.

I did want to try going the BLW route, but I'm a bit wary of the mess and as we're out and about a lot visiting family etc, I knew I would use purees and jars as well.

I started her a couple of weeks ago giving her sticks of carrot, banana, pear, apple and a chicken nugget and she seemed to be enjoying gumming the life out of them, had no problems knowing what to do with them or with choking. I also have one of these net feeder things, which I give her with things like banana, melon, cauliflower, kiwi etc in to suck on. Recently I've given her pieces of toast, breadsticks and a bit of cheese, which she had no problems with.

On the puree side of things, I've tried her with a couple of jars which she seemed to enjoy but she insisted on holding a spoon herself, so she could dip in the bowl and throw food over her shoulder repeatedly hmm, but I suppose that's to be expected! She did really enjoy baby porridge and was lunging for more in between spoonfuls!

Is this okay? And where do I go from here, do I just continue to offer finger foods and move onto lumpier baby foods when I think she's ready? I am intending to make my own purees and mashes but we're about to move house and my blender and freezer tray things are all packed up.

Also, how often should I be offering her solids? I've been giving her fruit most mornings, and a bit of porridge too for the past few days, and I give her bits and bobs of veg or whatever if we're out or at someone's house. I did intend to give her a "meal" of puree in the evenings but after the horrendous mess the first few times I started to forget. I'm aware that I need to start offering more savoury foods and vegetables rather than fruit, lest she be afflicted with a sweet tooth like mine!

Thanks in advance

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