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BLW - your experiences please!

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ladypop Tue 13-Aug-13 03:51:22

Our DS2 is only 4 months but before we know it, we will need to think about weaning again!
My friend BLW her 2nd child and really recommends it, she has lent me a book on it (yet to read!) but was just wondering, in the mean time, what others experiences and thoughts on the subject are?
I went down the whole purée route with our first and, tbh, cannot see me spending the same amount of time on it all this time round, with time being so much more limited; so it really appeals, if only for this selfish reason!
My initial hesitation is nursery, as he starts there at 4.5 months and I know all the food is mushed for them in the baby room at this age. I guess I just have to approach then on it and take it from there...I am sure I wouldn't be the only mom doing BLW. X

sipper Sun 18-Aug-13 00:13:45

Hi GingerDoodle Is purist mn speak for extreme-pureeing? grin I know what you mean about sticking with what works. Am impressed with your HV though. More clued up than many on the drinking thing (I haven't seen an HV for about a year tbh, so maybe this knowledge is now more widespread). Great thing about the little cups we use is that even if there's a spill whilst learning there's not much to spill. Damage limitation! They are a lot smaller than the Oxo cups and fit baby and toddler mouths really well. Lots of our little friends also use the Babycup and they take to them pretty quickly really. You could always just try when in the highchair. I followed the cup makers suggestion of both holding cup to begin with then hovering my hand next to cup. It was so lovely when my daughter then did it herself and was also very pleased with herself. Sorry, rambling on a bit. BTW, what's transitional weaning? Is that a term given to changing the type of food bit by bit?

sipper Sun 18-Aug-13 00:19:32

Oh flip...pressed post too quickly.... wanted to add that first time around I did the whole ice cube tray thing and found it really stressful. Not so much the time spent preparing (although I did spend far too long blending and ice cubing etc) but the whole how many ice cubes worth has my little one had today? I found 'real' food far harder to measure with such exactness and so it was a far more relaxed scenario because I simply didn't have the gaps in the puree tray reminding me of how 'successful' or not the day had been. Dirty nappies were a good enough clue as to what was actually going in and I found the 'proper' food (i.e. not purees or mush but same as what we were eating) approach much easier and more relaxed and happier all round.

GingerDoodle Sun 18-Aug-13 08:04:24

Hey sipper

extreme-pureeing or the baby only ever eating what its managed to pick up itself! Traditional weaning is mostly mush, slowing introducing different things, maybe some finger foods down the line...that sort of thing.

Personally I love watching my DD eat and try to make meal times a social enjoyable thing rather than just a fuel stop.

Thanks for the suggestion on babycups - hadn't seen them; we're working on replacing the bottles with sippy cups (open cups not an option as she normally had the bottle on the bed / floor / buggy) but i many look into them for water at meal times!

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