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Just started BLW - seems to make DS slightly hysterical

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snottagecheese Wed 07-Aug-13 22:05:16

DS turned 6 months a week ago and so I began BLW (which I also did with DD, now 4). The trouble is, as soon as I pass him anything to eat, or even just get him in the highchair, he starts to go kind of crazy, squealing and seeming sort of distressed but not exactly unhappy, if that makes any sense. I don't know if he's just frustrated, as in he wants to get the food in RIGHT NOW but can't, or just finds the new experience of being in a highchair and given food odd, or what. Certainly he often grabs the food like a starving man, but other times just doesn't seem to be remotely interested - but either way there's still the crazed squealing.

I don't remember DD being like this at all - if anything she was a bit bemused/uninterested for the first couple of weeks at least, probably longer (too long ago, I can't really remember!). I guess I just want to know if others have had this experience - if it sounds like a normal response, or if I'm doing anything wrong (I do try to avoid giving him food when he's tired, though once or twice I've wondered if this was the problem).

exoticfruits Wed 07-Aug-13 23:36:55

If it really works like that I have no problems, InMyShreddies- however I think that in many cases the baby has the choice that mother presents- judging by threads on here when posters are horrified that their babies have been offered cake and chips etc!
I haven't a clue why offering something on a spoon is 'stuffing it in'!

The whole thing irritates me- it gets mothers in such a state and it really, really doesn't matter! Relax-it has no bearing on the future eating habits of your child.

The only good point that I can see is that it does away with commercial jars.

InMyShreddies Wed 07-Aug-13 23:40:21

I'm sure you're right about future eating habits tbh. I'm just lazy and not the most patient, so it works perfectly for me! There are definitely days weeks where not much is consumed other than shite, but I feel less pressured knowing I'm constantly dishing up balanced meals. And it's honestly made me cook and eat more healthily myself as I don't want to serve crap.

InMyShreddies Wed 07-Aug-13 23:41:46

I'm pretty horizontal about both cake and chips anyway. DS18mo has had both in good quantities this weekend! Sweets and squash are my only no-nos.

exoticfruits Thu 08-Aug-13 06:11:02

The answer is that it works perfectly for you. I am just against such hard and fast rules when it doesn't work and mothers get in such a state about it. If it is baby led and isn't going well the baby would probably prefer a purée and you could at least test it and see if the baby would prefer it.
It is no big deal. I loved the comment made by someone else on one of these threads - 'it is a spoon and not a bloody Exocet missile'!

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