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Won't eat vegetables - help!

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SpecialJK Tue 16-Jul-13 13:23:59

hi, so my LO is nearly 13 months. Weaned at 6 months, ate pretty much any puree that he was given (apart from slightly tart ones like apricot), then he's been gradually upping the chunkiness and never bothered by nearly anything he had.

However, around 6 weeks ago he started kicking off when I was trying to feed him. I came to the conclusion it was because he wanted to feed himself, but he made no attempt to hold the spoon, even if I loaded it for him. So I had to resort to finger food.

My dilemma is now that he is becoming very fussy, as when I do finger food, he won't eat any vegetables, tried carrots, brocolli, cucumber, tomatoes, butternut squash cubed etc. My only success is when I grill the tomatoes or roast the veg. He was on a much more varied diet when I made his meals and spoon fed him. I'm also running out of ideas for food he can eat with himself. Corn on the cob and chicken drumsticks go down a treat

He's at nursery 5 days per week, and he eats most things there, apart from if it is heavily veg. I told them yesterday that they shouldn't give the nice desserts (e.g. if it's cake) to him if he doesn't eat his main course, but to give fruit instead. Is that too harsh at his age? but given the choice he would just eat meat. Is he just testing? I don't want to be too strict with him at this age. He has 16 teeth already so should be more than capable of chewing most things

monikar Tue 16-Jul-13 14:48:53

I think most children go through a fussy stage, it is very common. I think the key is to keep offering a variety of vegetables rather than just sticking to the ones you know he will eat, as otherwise you just reinforce the fussiness.

Have you tried all eating together and everyone helping themselves? I found with DD that she was far more interested in trying new things or things she had rejected previously if everyone else was tucking in.

It sounds really silly but I think one of the mistakes I made with food early on was not to give DD her food when she was hungry but when it was time for a meal. Perhaps try waiting another half an hour before a meal time and see if being that little bit hungrier helps?

I'm not sure about the puddings at nursery. If you say he cant have cake you are differentiating between what constitutes a nice food and what is vegetable. On the other hand, he may end up eating just cake. Perhaps allow the cake on 1/2 days and offer fruit on the other days as a compromise?

Good luck, hope that helps.

ExBrightonBell Tue 16-Jul-13 14:53:18

I really wouldn't ask the nursery to withhold the "nice" pudding. He won't understand why and you really don't want to set up associations that some food is nice and others less so.

I give my 12 month old whatever we are having (I dont add salt when cooking) and he feeds himself. So it could be lasagne, cottage pie, curry and rice, spaghetti bolognaise, etc etc. He uses his hands to feed himself and is just beginning to learn to use a spoon and fork himself. Sometimes he eats all the veg, sometimes he doesn't fancy some of it. It doesn't matter on a meal by meal basis - just keep offering healthy meals. He'll get there eventually!

SpecialJK Tue 16-Jul-13 16:01:14

thanks for the advice. It's really difficult for us to eat together, as nursery give them tea at 3.30 which I think is early, so then I try to find some dinner options for him to have at 5.30 when he comes home. I've literally probably run in the door at 5.30 and can't then start preparing a dinner, and usually either me or DH doesn't make it home till 6pm. We sometimes try eating out at the weekend and having an early/dinner or late lunch so that we can eat as a family.

I might just chuck him a cottage pie tonight and see if he eats that with his hands!

He can use a fork if I load it for him, so hopefully we're not a million miles away from being able to have food that he can feed himself with

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