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Finger foods for 8 month old

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shoobaloo Fri 02-Jun-06 10:10:21

I already give cheese chunks, banana, breadsticks, carrot and brocolli, rice cakes, toast soldiers (DS doesn't always eat them all!!) just wondered if anyhone had any ideas for other EASY finger foods. Can I give raisins or are these still too dangerous a choking hazard?

CorrieDale Fri 02-Jun-06 18:08:36

I know some people don't give them, but we did at 8 months and DS loved them. Also ripe pears, dried apricots (separated a bit so they get the idea), any veg cut into chunks or chips (sweet potato and butternut squash tend to be popular).

suzi2 Sat 03-Jun-06 21:21:13

My DS loves raisins and ate them at 8 months. TBH he doesn't really chew them much and just swallows them whole. And we get entire nappies of largely undigested raisins too! but he adores them. Definately worth a try.

DS also loves oatcakes. There are salt free varieties out there but they're hard to find but in general they have less salt than bread.

bramblina Sat 03-Jun-06 21:55:13

When I first gave ds raisins, i bit in to them to break the skin, he played around with them and now just goes for them whole. He had teeth though which helped. I did worry too though. He loves them.

lexiemum Mon 05-Jun-06 07:47:28

dd2 is 8mths too. to add to list she's also eating

pitta bread soldiers
corgette "fingers"
chicken strips
chunky chips / potato wedges
apple slices are sucked
green beans
pasta tubes

baby sweetcorn was sucked last night too

I'm not sure how much she actually eats by the amounts I remove from the high chair afterwards but she does enjoy what she does have.

Broadie Tue 06-Jun-06 13:57:37

My LO enjoys:

strips of avacado
Rice Cakes
Strips of Mango
Fresh cooked chicken
Bacon (only occasionally)
strips of steak
cheese on toast
cheese and pesto on toast
cheese and tomato puree and oregano on toast
cooked pasta
lumps of cheese
slices of tomato
beetroot (super messy!)
hunk of bread
Dried apricots
Dried big and juicy prune
Dried Fig

In fact this past couple of days she refuses any food on a spoon unless its yoghurt or pureed fruit. She prefers to eat on her own. I just tend to put things in front of her and see how she goes. The other day she held a bit of pineapple in her mouth for about 30 mins crushing it between her gums before swallowing - it was like she was an old man chewing tobacco!!


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