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Please reassure me

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JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 24-Jun-13 10:57:38

All sounds perfectly normal. When you listen to the other mums, just say how wonderful they are doing and smile. It really doesn't matter if he isn't eating much and you should be taking his lead on the milk and he clearly still wants it.

According to kellymom solids should be offered a maximum of twice a day and bfing should be on demand.

I always try to think that you get it one way or another. No baby or child is brilliant at everything. My DS took to bfing and solids really well, was a dream to potty train but didnt sleep through until he was 5. You can't have everything smile

ZebraZeebra Mon 24-Jun-13 10:10:07

DS is a few days from 8 months and we've doing BLW since about 6.5 months. He likes lots of tastes a d I'm fairly confident giving him stuff - he's mostly had lots of different veg and meat but we are taking it very slowly introducing new things as we know he has some allergies.

My insecurity though comes from being in a mum's group of babies all roughly the same age. Ds doesn't eat very much solid stuff and has upped his bfing to almost hourly in that last couple of weeks. His weight is fine and he takes water well. It's just combined with increased bfing, and all these other mothers talking about how much their babies eat - wolfing food down, eating loads three times a day etc etc....I've gotten worried he's not having enough. I've tried to be reassured that before a year, food is just experimental but I also thought by 8 months breast feeds would be stretched out a little bit, not intensify? Is this normal? I'm so worried he's starving but he won't eat much solids - just a bit to chew on or suck, but mostly to play with 😊


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