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Boobs - Is this what I'm gonna be left with?

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HumpheadWrasse Fri 28-Jun-13 20:04:25

Yup, mine deflated but within six months had 'rounded out' again, have ended up two cup sizes up from pre-pregnancy size. Give it a bit of time, is all.

NichyNoo Fri 28-Jun-13 20:00:04

I'm at the same stage after stopping feeding empty little sacks! But I remember from DS1 that after 6 months or so they start to fill out again. Never the same as pre-pregnancy but much better than currently grin

fuckwittery Sun 23-Jun-13 19:47:18

God the initial deflation is hideous but they do fill out again after a few months, mine did pretty much get back to where they were, maybe a bit bigger eventually. I was once told that breastfeeding pushes the fat stores out of your boobs as the milk duct expands, so way to quickly reinflate boobs is to gain weight then can lose it again as rarely comes off your boobs first. That is a totally unscientific explanation but I did find gaining a bit of weight inflated more quickly when I compared post bf-ing dc1 and 2.

peasandcarrots30 Sun 23-Jun-13 19:43:20

Well it seems they could get worse before they get better? Feel like I must go back to teenage habit of stuffing tissue down my bra grin and bear it. And maybe buy myself at least a pretty bra to make it more bearable in the meantime. At least it seems there is hope to return to something like my old cup size, though I don't think I'll b heading to bravissimo for the next measuring, could prove even more embarrassing than usual... blush

Nicknamefail Sat 22-Jun-13 21:46:11

My dh commented on how small my boobs were (in a nice way wink )the other day (9 mo still a breast feeding monster).
I am bigger around the chest and smaller cup as well. And I didn't have much to brag about before.....
must have another baby to get ginormous knockers back

MrGeresHamster Sat 22-Jun-13 21:12:37

Peas, it was a matter of months. Deflation happened, then recovery. What your boobs are now will definitely be different in 2/3 months.

Back size, I think it's your ribs that expand during pregnancy. I'm assuming that this settles too...

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 22-Jun-13 20:24:40

Think its pg that changes your boobs not the feeding smile

Mine are a size bigger than pg, but then I'm probably a size bigger all over...

opalescent Sat 22-Jun-13 19:50:48

I stopped 4 months ago, and mine are...small. And softsad
Hoping they do replenish over time!

RoooneyMara Sat 22-Jun-13 18:42:52

I fed two babies already, the second one till he was at school (4 1/2) and mine went back to how they used to be gradually during the last year or two I suppose. When I stopped they were fine.

I've since had another baby...they do recover, often. I hope mine do again but you never know.

Blessyou Sat 22-Jun-13 18:32:43

They are softer post preg/feeding because during preg and throughout feeding ductal tissue replaces fat.
When I stopped feeding I noticed they were quite deflated but over the next few months, presumably fat deposits laid down, not sure, but they filled out again. Not to the same texture as before, but to the same bra size and not as deflated as when I initally stopped.

RandomMess Sat 22-Jun-13 18:29:05

Mine are definately very different post feeding to pre-pregnancy sad

peasandcarrots30 Sat 22-Jun-13 18:26:56

Also, feel my cup size has reduced (deflated good description) but back size increased. Presumably back size is not going to change? Feel like its my actual ribs.

peasandcarrots30 Sat 22-Jun-13 18:12:52

GeresHamster, how long did that take for you? Weeks? Months? confused

MrGeresHamster Sat 22-Jun-13 18:10:12

Deflated after stopped BF... and felt it, due to months of maternity boobs and BF boobs. They now fit back into my old per pregnancy bras. I think it's the deflation that is the shock, as you've been used to bigger. They do settle again.

peasandcarrots30 Sat 22-Jun-13 18:02:48

I am down to 2 feeds a day with DD 10mths grin. Boobs are a mere shadow of former selves blush. Swamped by current nursing bras I'm inclined to take a sorry walk to be measured up again, but want to check - is this likely to be it? Or are they likely to change again in a couple of months when and if the DD ever stops BF?

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