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when to wean?

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BabyStone Sun 09-Jun-13 23:37:56

My DS is 3months and ff.
A few of my friends have had babies around the same time and seem to be weaning already. (not sure if they were advised to by any healthcare professional).
I keep reading about weaning and not to start until baby is 6 months but then other people have said 16/17 weeks.
I am now confused about when to start with DS, obviously not now but time is going by so quickly it won't be long until I could potentially start to wean. So when should I start?
When did you start? And how? Bit confused with the whole babyrice, purees etc
Any advise would be great, thanks smile

rootypig Sun 09-Jun-13 23:46:26

The very clear current advice is not to start solids until 6 months. There is a good explanation why - and why some think differently - on the MN weaning pages

You have so long to go until then - I wouldn't worry now, just relax and enjoy your LO.

DeepPurple Sun 09-Jun-13 23:48:15

I weaned DD at 20 weeks as she was ready. Forget baby rice, it is vile!

The advice is contradictory as some health care professionals are now saying 6 months is too late.

Absolutely not before 4 months.

PinkPepper Sun 09-Jun-13 23:51:48

we waited till 6 months then did baby led weaning. Easy peasy smile The nhs advice is 6 months.

BabyStone Sun 09-Jun-13 23:54:45

Ok thanks, I've had a quick read over the MN weaning pages, will read up more nearer to the time.

Deeppurple, how did you know she was ready?

I am in no hurry to wean, was just a bit wtf when I saw on Facebook a couple of friends have started weaning their DC (one is 14wks, one is nearly 13wks)
I'll ask my own HV sometime
Thanks smile

DeepPurple Mon 10-Jun-13 00:06:46

DD was sitting independently, trying to grab food, showing a real interest in what I was eating and adored her first tiny taste of fruit purée. I just gave her a little bit on the end of a spoon and she loved it! Initially I just gave her a tiny taste of food each day. Sometimes porridge or fruit or even just puréed veg. She was probably 6 months by the time I replaced any milk feeds with food.

Some of my friends waited til 6 months and did baby led weaning. I really think it comes down to your baby.

KingRollo Mon 10-Jun-13 07:14:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jumperooo Mon 10-Jun-13 07:31:24

DD was sitting up unsupported at 5 months but I waited until 6 months to start weaning. She didn't really "get it" until 7 months to be honest.

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