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Tell me your miraculous tales of poo

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rootypig Thu 30-May-13 13:59:01

LO, 7mo, has taken to solids marvellously. After a few weeks of BLW she wasn't getting much down, so I tried purees and she loves them. She is now happily eating homemade food but perhaps a little too much! she is quite constipated. She strains loudly several times a day and generally gets nothing out. When there is something, it is quite small and firm.

A normal day's food is fruit puree with millet cereal in the morning, a mixed veg puree for lunch eg sweet potato and leek and something similar, but different, for dinner. She has fish but not red or white meat. She is FF but still using stage 1 milk, so not concerned about the iron in follow on milk. I use Hipp and was happy with it pre solids - it produced the best poop of all the formula I tried smile

I have cut out the morning cereal for just fruit, am offering warm water with a little juice (she'll drink about an ounce), she doesn't have banana.

So, please tell me what foods have miraculously unleashed a tide of baby poo! grin. mashed grapes? prunes? anything else to avoid?

Sorry, long, but didn't want to drip feed. TIA for thoughts

ExBrightonBell Thu 30-May-13 16:23:18

Prunes, apricots, figs, or anything similar worked for my ds. Sweet potato is supposed to be binding so maybe avoid that as well?

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 30-May-13 16:52:34

Yes I'd drop the sweet potato for now. How about trying her with pear, water melon, soup, broccoli and cauliflower (preferably not altogether grin)? All of these are high water foods and may help as will the ones mentioned by Brighton.

Does she have access to a sippy cup of water all day?

rootypig Thu 30-May-13 18:17:28

Thanks both! I didn't realise that sweet potato was binding and have just made her sweet potato, apricot and prune puree for dinner. Now waiting to see what prevails! hmm

Jilted, I was thinking about the water too - have just been out and bought a couple of different sippy cups - the ones we had she won't go near, so am going to try soft teats.

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 30-May-13 20:56:27

There are some nice weaning recipes on Mn including one or aprico and chicken purée, might be worth checking out smile

DrMcDreamysWife Thu 30-May-13 21:15:45

My dd got really constipated a month into weaning. The thing that made the biggest difference was offering water at every meal. Prunes worked well too.

Massaging her tummy in the bath helped too. She often did a poo after the bath as a result.

rootypig Thu 30-May-13 22:42:04

Thanks guys. yes doing lots of massage. Am awaiting the results of the first dose of prunes!

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