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10 month old ds.....i'm stuck. i don't know what to feed him.

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queenrollo Thu 25-May-06 14:49:00

ok....ds is 10 months and currently eats various Hipp jars (which i'm trying to cut out totally), sliced banana, dairylea sandwich, breadstick, baby biscuits, porridge with fruit puree and toast.

i really need to expand his diet and so far my attempts have failed. he is getting really frustrated with eating off a spoon so i've tried various steamed veg of which he will only eat broccoli. i've tried him with other fruits and also some dried apricots and raisins but he 'gums' them till they go flat and stick to the roof of his mouth.
i don't have a freezer and because of dp's working hours eating together is difficult which means we can't really try him on our meals.
i'm just really frustrated, and don't feel like we're ever going to progress. i want him to start eating 'normal' food, not this processed rubbish but i just can't get my head round it.

LucyJones Thu 25-May-06 14:50:31

When you cook for you and dh could you just out bit aside for him in the fridge for the following day?

chapsmum Thu 25-May-06 14:54:04

My chap is 10months too and basically he is just eating whatever we are. I take his portion out before I add salt abviously. Like last night I made lasagne which I added mashed sweet potatoa dn butternut squash into the bolognase. Then used a masher and milk to turn in to much.
Anothe fav of his is cheesy mashe dpotatoes and cauliflower rolled in flour and drizzeled witha bit of meklted butter baked in finger like shapes.
Just cook so the hold their finger like shape bu are not to hard to eat on the inside.
He loves lentil soupd. Big pot for us all.
leek and potatosoup
I am not organised enough so that we are all eating the same thing together (he eats at 4 and dp does not get home till 5) so he usually has what we are having teh day after iyswim?

Jessajam Thu 25-May-06 14:58:06

ooo chapsmum I likethe soundof the cheesymash and cauli thingies...ds is 9mo and is starting to want to feed himself sometimes
Agree, just stick a bit of whatever you have in the fridge for him to have the next day (ds's fav seems to be leftover chkn and ham pie with newpots and mixed veg which i just blitz with hand held blending dooberry)

CorrieDale Thu 25-May-06 20:22:04

Pasta with homemade tomato sauce? If the pasta is well cooked then you probably wouldn't even need to mash it. DS also loves potato cakes - mash, say, 8 oz of potatoes, mix in 2 oz butter and 4 oz plain flour. Shape them into flat circles, about 1 cm thick, fry them off in oil or butter. Yummy! Not slimming for mummies, but good for babies who need calories and cholesterol.

suzi2 Thu 25-May-06 21:26:26

I make all sorts of vegetable cakes for DS. Basically I mash whatever cooked veggies I have lying around (including potato or sweet potato to stick it all together), mix in enough flour to make into a dough, shape into little patties and back in the oven until they're golden/firm. I then freeze them.

Also I do things that are butter, flour, apple, carrot, cheese and rice crispies mixed together, coated in breadcrumbs or crumbled oatcakes and baked. And todays new hit was lentil patties - lentils cooked in low salt stock with some tomatoes (deseeded and peeled), onion, tomato puree, bay leaf and a touch of garam masala (new taste, not sure his tummy agrees!). Once cooked add a beated egg and some breadcrumbs. coat in breadcrumbs and bake.

I can give you recipes for any of them although they're a bit hit or miss if you follow them exactly so personally I just invent things and wing it a bit. Let me know if you want proper details though.

CorrieDale Fri 26-May-06 07:05:10

Ooo, Suzi, that rice krispies thingie sounds interesting! Could you give the recipe? (I do similar things with veggies to make fingers, also lentils. One tip i saw on another thread is to use polenta as the coating. Haven't tried it yet, but have just run out of 'fingers' so will be experimenting over the weekend.)

Raggydoll Fri 26-May-06 07:42:47

we are trying to do the same with dd. she has jars for lunch but usually the same evening meal as us. the only problem is it does resrict what we have a little bit. dd's faves are: roast chicken dinner; spag bol; cottage/sheppards pie; rice with chicken and veg. I just wiz it to a chunky puree with the hand blender.

I'm still struggling with finger foods myself. The fingers/patties on here sound good for lunches though.

suzi2 Fri 26-May-06 20:46:43

3oz Plain Flour
1 Apple, peeled & grated.
2oz Butter
1 Carrot, grated.
½ tspn Mustard powder
1½ oz Rice Krispies.
1oz Cheddar cheese, grated.
1 Egg ,beaten.
2oz Parmesan,grated.
2oz Sesame seeds.
Cream together the butter, flour , mustard powder & cheeses. Add the apple, carrot & Rice Krispies & shape into small balls with your hands. Dip the balls in the egg, roll in the sesame seeds & bake for 15-20 mins in a preheated oven at Gas 4. Makes12.

I didn't use parmesan or sesame seeds. I didn't even use egg as I didn't have any. I just rolled them in breadcrumbs and oatcake mix and then squished them down a bit. For the crispies I used just plain puffed rice (no salt/sugar etc) as I had it in the cupboard anyway. I got loads more than 12 too. I think it's a good basic recipe though for experimenting with.

Must try the polenta thing... I have almost a full pack in the cupboard as DS won't eat it (don't blame him actually!)

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