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too much?

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mummytopoppy1 Tue 28-May-13 08:28:52

My DD is 6.5 months. She took to solids extremely well (started about a month ago) and was on three meals by 6 months. She loves eating, and eats well which I am grateful for. I am a bit worried however, that I'm letting her have too much. She's a biggish baby (between the 50th & 75th for weight and above the 91st for height) and at 27 weeks weighed 16lb 15.

a typical day is this:

Waking - 6 oz of milk

8am - breakfast - 1/2 weetabix, 3 little toast fingers with marmite (that she eats about half of self feeding), about a 1/3 banana mashed up.

Midmorning - snack of a small fromage frais and a rice cake

12pm - lunch - something with protein (sweet pot, carrot & chicken or fish pie, or spag bowl). She has about 4oz of food if I have made it or the best part of a whole Ella's stage 2. She likes to feed herself too, so might have a finger of toast. She has a fromage frais afterwards.

2.30 - 6 or 7 oz milk

5pm - dinnner - vegetable puree and a fruit based desert.

6.15 - 7 or 8 oz milk.

She is quite active now, starting to army crawl etc.

NicholasTeakozy Tue 28-May-13 20:14:13

I take it she's your PFB. grin In which case it's perfectly normal to be concerned and nothing to be worried about. She's being fed what my now 16 month old DGD was at her age, and she's turning out fine. She's getting a balanced healthy diet with plenty of variety and enough milk, so yes, her diet's fine.

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