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6 month meals

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CarlyRose80 Mon 27-May-13 15:56:04

Hi lo is nearly 6 months and I'm weaning him. I keen to give him homemade foods and not shop stuff. Can u give him pretty much what we have with out salt etc, and bananas mashed up etc. He has 5oz bottles every 3 hours pretty much so when should I offer him the solids? Tia x

nextphase Mon 27-May-13 18:01:42

Post 6 months, its generally low salt, no honey, and no whole nuts. Other foods with a similar shape to nuts need to be offered carefully - cut grapes in half, for instance.

From 6 months, mine just ate the same meals as us, and if they were asleep at the time I ate, they didnt eat!

BotBotticelli Mon 27-May-13 21:35:31

I think current advice is to try offering food an hour after a bottle at roughly the right time of day for each 'meal' DS wakes up at 0630 and has a bottle straight away. I then give him breakfast (small portion of baby porridge and fruit) at 0730.

Then he normally has a bottle late mornin (1130 ish) so I tend to offer him lunch - usually some homemade purée veg - at around 1215.

And then this week (third week of weaning) I have started giving him a small amount of supper (usually a third of an Ella's Kitchen veg pouch) at around 5pm - ie an hour or so after his late afternoon bottle.

He then had a large bottle of milk a couple of hours later at bedtime 7pm and a large dream feed at 10pm. I am currently thinking about trying to drop the 10pm dream feed as we have been doing it since DS was 3 months old but I am too scared in case he starts wanting feeding at 3am again instead!! Might wait a few more weeks until he is having protein and feels a bit fuller overnight (we started weaning at 5mo and he is not 6mo till early June).

Btw I am sure I have seen your posts on the sleep boards about your LO's naps? I am sure you have seen some of mine about DS's very irregular catnaps! Just to say, the routine I outlined above is very loose and I flex it every day depending on what happens with his naps. But largely it is seeming quite easy to give him 3 'meals' at sensible ish times every day.

CarlyRose80 Tue 28-May-13 19:29:49

That's great advice to be honest as that's what I'm going to try and follow. He's a small drinker of milk and has 5oz bottles at each feed then a small feed an hour later. Bed time bottle depends on If he's had a nap in the afternoon as if he hasn't he's to tired for his bottle. Naps are hit and miss still but I can cope with that if he settles at night and I'm sure it's good related as since I've upped his solids he slept better (basing this on last night alone lol) I can live in hope. X

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