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How much does your 14mo eat?

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Probably not the right place for this as we are long past the weaning stage but I think Ds eats too much but he never seems to be full! The average day

7.00am - Either 1 weetabix with blueberries or a good handful of fruit filled shredded wheat with cows milk. He usually starts pointing at the fruit bowl afterwards so we've started moving it. 4oz cows milk t odrink.

10am - snack of fruit or sometimes fruit toast

12.30pm - lunch is either a sandwich (1 slice of bread with filling), a crumpet or 2 mini vegetable muffins. Cucumber sticks and cherry tomatoes on the side, then a banana or grapes (he eats a whole banana)

2.30pm - 4oz cows milk

5pm - dinner is good size portion of something like tuna pasta, vegetable curry or omelette with veg (made with 1 egg). If we have a sunday dinner he'll have 1 roast potato, a spoonful of stuffing, 1/2 yorkie, about 5 carrot rounds, a tablespoon of peas, a tablespoon of cabbage and a slice of chicken.

7pm - 4oz cows milk.

Writing it down it looks like a massive amount shock. Although I haven't weighed him in a while (always at work on clinic days) he has always been on 50th centile and doesn't have any fat on him at all, you can still see his ribs when he's in his nappy. I don't have worries about his weight but the sheer volume of food he eats is staggering - I don't know where he puts it. CM says he's always the first to finish his meals and then tries to steal other mindees food blush He's the youngest by 18 months.

What do you think? Am I worrying for nothing or does this seem like loads? He eats more than me some days! He's going to cost me a fortune as a teenager isn't he?

Locketjuice Tue 21-May-13 13:25:57

My 16 month old is a nightmare to feed so I couldn't even write it down as its ended up so out of routine and mish mashy!

But I wouldn't say that is alot throughout a whole day smile

About normal if you ask me smile

Normal? Thank you. I think I worry because wherever we go people comment on how much he eats! I keep getting told that he'll stop eating when he's full and that you can't overfeed a baby because they self regulate but he has never stopped eating before his plate is empty. I feel like my day revolves around feeding ds.

geegeeleigh Tue 21-May-13 23:30:22

my Dd is nearly months and I wad also wondering if she eats a lot but now hearing it from someone else just makes me think that maybe they do just eat u out of house and home at this age! a normal day goes:
7.30am - 7ozs cows milk
8.00am - 1 weetabix with big helping of fruit (whole bannana, whole peach, etc)
10 am - morning snack always fairly large imo (small orange, 2 bread sticks, big handful of raisins and 2 ricecakes)
12.00 - sandwich (2 slices of bread) or a proper meal type lunch (spag bol, fish pie, etc) always with something on the side like veg sticks and then a yoghurt
3 pm - another snack similar size to morning snack
5.30pm - dinner proper dinner type stuff cooked dinner, curry and rice, pasta with tuna or pesto n cream cheese, etc again with something on the side and a yoghurt and fruit for pudding
7.30 - 9ozs of milk
even with her eating all of that I still get mugged whenever I sit down with anything that looks remotely eadible!!

CornishYarg Wed 22-May-13 08:59:20

It doesn't sound like loads to me. In fact, it sounds like my son - looking for more food after eating what seems like a large portion, stayed on his centile (between 25th and 50th), ribs visible etc. My son is very active so I figure he must need lots of fuel! In fact, the amount of roast dinner you've described is about half of what my son typically puts away and has done since he was about 1.

As long as his weight is OK, I really wouldn't worry. Far better to have this "problem" than a child who hardly eats, I think.

Gooeyhead Wed 22-May-13 09:01:16

I was just about to start a similar thread as my DH thinks we're over feeding our 12m DD. he was speaking to someone on a health kick who told him that the average egg has 300 calories!!! DD eats egg quite a few times a week and this has got him worried!!

Average day:

Breakfast - 1 weetabix made with cows milk and then a 7oz bottle of cows milk

Mid-morning - fruit or some kind of healthy snack, beaker with just water

2 scrambled eggs OR crackers with spread cheese OR small sandwich with hummus
Very small banana and some fruit purée

AFTERNOON - beaker of cows milk

pizza slices / homemade fish fingers / omelette / homemade hotpot / anything else such as what we're eating if its healthy and made from scratch OR her own food that I make up? Portion sizes anything from 9ml Tupperware dish to a 150ml
1 pack of frozen steamed veg which she feeds herself (about 1/3 ends up on the floor)

Going to bed - one bottle of FF 7oz milk (she's only just 1 so weaning her off the FF and onto cows milk)

How does this sound to MN? smile

So glad it seems ok! I sometimes look at the size if him, then the size of his dinner and wonder where it all goes! Complete relate to being mugged for food, we have commented that its a bit like having g a dog grin

ariane5 Fri 24-May-13 15:30:18

Ds2 (13mths) has had the following today:

Breakfast:4 blueberries and 4 grapes (cut up small)

Mid morn bf

Lunch:1 slice cucumber, 3 organix tomato crisps, small jar hipp organic squash and chicken puree, water.

For dinner he will probably have a soya yogurt and another bf before bed. He doesn't eat much at all and is small for his age but hv said he is growing (just slowly!).

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