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What a mess!

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HoneyMumandSon Sun 19-May-13 18:50:45

I'm totally new at this so forgive my ignorance! I know weaning is a messy business but DS ends each meal totally covered. Every time I offer him the spoon he grabs the end with the food on and squishes it. I thought maybe e was trying to push it away as he was full but that doesn't seem to be it, or maybe he was trying to 'help' put it in so I've offered him the handle and helped guide but then he squishes with the other hand. Is this a normal part of weaning that he'll get past or do I just have a particularly messy baby on my hands? I daren't try and feed him in public which is fine for now but at some point id like to be able to feed him while we're out!

I have a 16 month old now. He's a hungry boy and a pretty efficient eater but we still need a long sleeved bib and a wet flannel at the end of each meal. .. if not a hose. They're exploring their world. Try and enjoy their pleasure in it if at all possible or the next year will be very stressful!

HoneyMumandSon Sun 19-May-13 19:34:38

I had a feeling that might be the answer smile thanks. Ive got friends with babies of similar ages and they all seem able to feed their babies if we're out without it looking like some sort of biological warfare has taken place!

ChippingInLovesSpring Sun 19-May-13 19:36:49

LOL - some are messier than others! Just go for baby led weaning, though it's messier in a way you can give them whole bits of food, not just mush so it doesn't always make as much mess, you'll soon work out which are 'eating out foods' and which are not!! grin

Pascha Sun 19-May-13 19:45:08

We went for lunch at a local Beefeater once when ds1 was about 9 months old. First time perusing the childrens menu and I picked spaghetti bolognese as a dish I knew he'd eat. I, being all BLW-minded, let him go at it gung-ho with no cutlery to impede his progress. Well.

He was orange. Head to foot, clothes, hair, highchair, straps, everything. The waitresses thought he was hilarious, he had the biggest grin on his face you ever did see, other customers were laughing and DH and I were pics with embarrassment and laughter.

He ate it all though, mess or not, it all went down. No harm done (except to the stained clothes which were never right afterwards)

HoneyMumandSon Sun 19-May-13 20:06:20

Thanks smile we attempted to start with blw but he was quite prem (born at 33 weeks) so doesn't quite have the hand eye coordination needed for it despite being very ready for food. Will be moving to blw once he catches up a bit.

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