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sparklekitty Sun 19-May-13 17:27:37

I am BLW my now 7mo. She's doing really well. I do spoon feed her things like yogurt/fromage frais and fruit pots as a pudding sometimes.

She has recently got all 4 front teeth, within a week poor thing. They all seem to have cut through but I think the 2 top still have a bit of 'cutting' to do iyswim.

Anyway, over the past few days she's not wanted to feed herself anything. I've cooked soft foods like pasta etc but she won't have any of it, the only thing she wants at the moment is being spoon fed mush, like yogurt and mushed fruit.

I'm guessing her teeth and gums are very sore. Has anyone else found anything similar with their LO's? I'm hoping this is a blip and she'll get back to feeding herself once the teeth have calmed down a bit.

MultipleMama Sun 19-May-13 17:40:00

My 8mo isn't taking anything put a few spoonfuls of pureed fruit. He's even refusing milk. He's having a really tough time with it. So yes, very much similar experience haha.

Hope your LO feels better soon!

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