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18m not eating a thing

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Gina1981 Sat 18-May-13 09:29:13

Dd who is 18m has decided that she no longer wants or needs to eat!! That's about it really. There is nothing whatsoever I can do to get her to have a bite of anything. Distractions doesn't work, whilst I don't want to get into that bad habit, I have resorted to it however its doesn't work anyway!! She is bf morning and night. She was eating so well and dropped day time feeds but now wants it even more! I'm at my wits end. She is wasting away and all her clothes are falling off her. I just don't know what to do sad

No signs of teething, illness etc so I haven't a clue why all of a sudden she has stopped eating. Have to add that her fluid intake isn't that great either confused

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 18-May-13 15:14:57

Firstly if she is bfing all day she won't be short of fluids or likely to waste away, so please don't worry.

I haven't got much time to post, but hopefully this will bump for you. While you wait for more posts have a look at the book My Child Won't Eat by Carlos Gonzalez and google kellymom toddler and kellymom starting solids smile

MigGril Sat 18-May-13 15:20:35

Second reading my child won't eat, very good book.

Don't worry to much just keep breastfeeding her as much as she wants. They can go through fussy stages where they hardly eat anything. Just keep offering without making a fuss, take it away if she's not interested. Don't make it into a battle.

If she is losing weight then do get her checked out by your gp to make sure nothing else is going on.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 18-May-13 15:25:00

Sorry yes should have said. If she is actually loosing weight you need to take her to the GP. Make sure they weigh and measure her and record it in her red book. They will need to use it as a baseline if she needs further appointments. Make sure they check her ears and throat too as ear infections can be so easily missed.

If she's not loosing weight, just not gaining much, it could just be normal toddler behaviour.

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