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8 month old baby never been able to swallow anything but milk!

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RachelsFirst Thu 16-May-13 13:40:56

Hi there,
some advice please - I tried to wean my LO at 6 months the BLW with banana. she gummed a bit, and then gagged. I gave her a break as I thought she wasn't ready and tried again a few weeks later with puree. Again she gagged with even the runniest of solids. I tried mushed avocado which she accepted but had difficulty swallowing. The only way she will swallow anything is if I give her water (from a bottle). She even gags with water from a beaker !!!
anyone have any idea whats going on? or any tips to help?
not surprisingly she's now rejecting all food as shes afraid she will gag on everything....

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 18-May-13 09:04:06

Upper lip tie can be present without tongue tie, but its very unusual. Yes DS also had happy front teeth and no, I didn't realise until recently either, so don't beat yourself up. I'm no expert, obviously or I would have spotted DS years ago, but I think its worth getting it done. Oh and yes, DS has speech therapy.

Think there was a private dentist mentioned up thread If you need some more recommendations you could post in the breast and bottle section and you should get some there, alternatively phone one of the bfing helplines and they might be able to help.

I had the same problems with bfing too and felt utterly let down by those who should have helped me, which is probably why I hang around here trying to help others smile

ghosteditor Sat 18-May-13 09:15:26

Poor you, it's a real shock, isn't it? Like you I only found DD's ULT after a MNer mentioned it about her dc. No one has ever spotted DD's.

I have been recommended Dr Malcolm Levinkind who is in London and who specialises in paediatric dentistry I think. I'm trying to book an appt soon. I was quoted £90 for a consultation and then a few hundred for the laser procedure (superior to just cutting it apparently).

It can be worth revising even in toddlers - her adult teeth will come through in the same track as baby teeth and may require orthodontics. If you revise now the gap should close. Can affect speech but not always.

If you ever get the chance, give feedback to the MW/GP who missed it - otherwise how will they learn?

RachelsFirst Sat 18-May-13 13:05:51

Thanks both. I just desperately wanted them to bf like other babies but oh well! Thanks ghost for the recommendation. I'll try and book a slot too it sure how my toddler's going to feel about the laser though <<eeeekkkk>>. Maybe I'll see you in the waiting room ? wink
And jjj what an awesome job you're doing raising awareness! I saw a post somewhere about signing a petition to get lip tie checked at birth. Great idea methinks x

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