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What does your 6 month old eat?

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goodstuffhappens Sat 11-May-13 15:46:42

I'm going spare!

My DD is 6.5 months. I am away in another country at the moment so am having to experiment slightly with diff foods as baby rice etc not available.

She is breast fed at 7, 10.30, 2.00, 4-5 and given formula at 7pm.

She eats a breakfast of EITHER: mashed banana and yoghurt, porridge (normal made with milk), pear, strawberries.

Mid afternoon she has some annabel K 'lovely lentils.' Throughout the day she chews on small bits of French bread as ths also helps with her teething.

What's getting me down is her reaction. It changes each time and sometime she gobbles it down and sometimes she WAILS with her mouth shut.

She's my second so i Haven't been swatting up on weaning and now I wish I had.

Am I feeding her too much, too little, the right stuff?

Any words of wisdom/support greatly appreciated!

TattyBoomBoom Sat 11-May-13 18:15:21

Hello! Our 6.5 month old eats what we eat. We give her two meals a day at the moment. Last week for example she had mushroom and cream cheese pasta, fresh fruit (kiwi, banana, pear), pitta bread and avocado, bread sticks and houmous, sticks of cheddar, omelette, rotated carrots, steamed broccoli and asparagus... She swallowed very little (baby-led weaning so she feeds herself) but she's having fun!

Food at this age is really for getting used to flavours and eating, not satisfying hunger, so have you considered feeding milk more often (I presume you're still feeding on demand not sticking to a rigid structure?)

heidihole Sat 11-May-13 18:17:42

11 month old just eats what we do and has done since 6 months.

By 'eats' I mean chews, squishes, throws, scrumples and spreads round his face!

Just let her get on with it, if she's hungry then it's milk she needs so just offer her more boob. If she's fine with what shes getting then thats perfect!

goodstuffhappens Sat 11-May-13 18:52:15

so just checking... both of you think that if she's hungry, I should give her milk and not worry about sating ANY of that hunger with 'real' food.

I did BLW with my first so remember the concept but it's just at times when I give DD2 solids she wolfs them down suggesting she's hungry.

Aghhhhh what a spin I'm in!

heidihole Sat 11-May-13 20:35:50

It probably depends on the child but with my DS its milk that he wants if hes hungry. Food is more a game. Interesting tastes and textures. Just let your 6m old explore and handle food but don't neglect her milk. Its her main nutrition until she's 1yr

CandyPop Fri 17-May-13 08:28:35

LO is my first so definitely not an expert and learning as we go along.. We've gone more the traditional puréed root but her desserts and snacks are finger foods so she has to grab, hold and eat herself. She's 6.5 months and we've been weaning for a month and a typical day is;

7.00 bf
8.00 porridge/weetabix with fruit purée
11 mf
1.30-2 fish / meat with potato /veg (sometimes added cheese )
Yoghurt/pieces of fruit
6.00 puréed vegetable sometimes with potato and fruit
7.30 bf
Then finger snacks in between . Not as structured- depends what I have and whether she's getting bored and I give her a rice cake to look and chew at!

Sometimes she eats alot sometimes she doesn't. I watch for her cue and never force anything down. I'm slowly adding more flavour and will be going onto 'proper' meals soon . Will be getting ideas from the annabel karmel book and therefore will be cooking for me and dh too.

I am also going to do batch cooking and will be swapping food with some other mums so we have more variety in the freezer without having to cook all of it!

Oh and also sometimes the first few mouths full she screws her face and then shuts it closed. Ill wait, she gets distracted and then I try again and then she goes for more ! Patience is the key !

CandyPop Fri 17-May-13 08:29:29

(Sorry for epic post and broken English! Typing message on the phone !)

GrandPoohBah Fri 17-May-13 14:24:23

My dd has a mixture of foods.

Yesterday she had some purée for brunch then some roast chicken and omelette for tea, with a bit more fruit purée for pudding (I try and serve proper food then pudding in a savoury/sweet manner; I don't think she cares).

Today she had some peach and banana porridge for breakfast, along with a piece of the focaccia I was eating because she looked more interested in that, then a Plum purée for lunch followed by some fromage frais which I'm not sure she liked. We're having chicken with potato salad and asparagus for dinner so she'll have some of that, and I'll try her again with the yoghurt then.

She also bfs about every 3.5 hours or so - she has fed at 6am, 9.30, and 1pm so far. I'm not fussed about how much real food she's eating, she's definitely getting her calories from milk at the moment. Having said that, she's quite an enthusiastic eater so I've not had to worry about it?

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