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DS seems to hate veg. Any ideas?

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Gumgardener321 Tue 07-May-13 19:23:46

The last 3weeks I started to wean my 6mth DS. I was keen to do BLW but was having very little success. I also started giving porridge in a morning which he loves. I'm now doing a combo of BLW &purees & he now just eats porridge, mushed banana, yoghurts &pitta bread which he's does great at chomping. I've tried introducing veg (carrot, sweet pot, parsnip&pots)in finger food form &puree but he seems to hate them. I've heard that a baby has to taste a food about 20 times before he decides if likes it or not. Should I keep trying with these veg as finger foods? Am worried confusing him a bit by doing combo tech but eats pitta so well. Any ideas of any foods I could try him with?

APipkinOfPepper Tue 07-May-13 19:37:17

Your DS sounds a bit like my DD. When I first started weaning her she'd eat rice cakes, toast and fruit purees. She's now 10 months and eats a wide variety of stuff, but has consistently refused to eat savoury purees - but she's happy to chomp on bits of veg and meat. I would say just keep offering small amounts of different things in different formats. My DD just seemed to be a bit of a slow starter! Try not to worry too much - what's the rhyme - "food is for fun until one" or something - milk is still the most important thing they're having.

sharond101 Tue 07-May-13 21:47:36

My LO is like this with fruit and i tend to add it to things I know he will eat so give him apples in custard and peaches or pears in his porridge.cHe likes a chicken dish with grapes and sweet potatoes too and he loves banana muffins. Perhaps you could try a savoury muffin or a vegetable dip for the pitta breads? My DS loves soup and get lots of veg from that.

CornishYarg Wed 08-May-13 08:56:06

I would just keep offering vegetables and hopefully he'll start to enjoy them. It's still very early days so it's completely normal for him not to eat much.

When you say you didn't have much success with BLW, do you mean he wasn't eating much? Because I really wouldn't expect him to so soon after starting. I think there will always be some foods they take to quickly (yogurt always seems to feature on that list!) But in general, showing some interest in the food by playing with it and maybe licking it or nibbling it is a success at this age! Obviously if you're more comfortable with a traditional puree plus finger food route, that's great but just wanted to mention that you need to keep your expectations low if you fancy giving the BLW another go.

We found adding lots of veg to an omelette or savoury muffins meant DS would eat veg he would normally refuse. Also, I blend up lots of veg to make a pasta sauce.

brainonastick Wed 08-May-13 09:14:24

Keep offering, and make sure you don't inadvertently substitute the veg for lots of sweet stuff, so steer clear of lots of fruit, or those godawful half sugar/half fromage frais things.

Cravingdairy Wed 08-May-13 09:22:34

Mine likes baby sweetcorn, green beans annd mange tout. She loooves hummous which OK isn't veg but is savoury. I wouldn't worry, just keep offering a mix. Food is for fun until they are one and they wax and wane in what they like. Plenty of babies eat hardly any solids until they are 9 months plus.

Nicknamefail Wed 08-May-13 14:41:43

Brainonastick, are you saying avoid fruit due to sugar issues? My dd eats fruit for Britain and I tend to give her fruit for dessert after lunch and dinner. She does eat veg for main (sorry OP not boasting, also sorry for thread hijack. blush )
Should I tail the fruit down to once a day?
7mo initial blw-er btw.

brainonastick Fri 10-May-13 20:24:52

Sorry - just seen this. No, I didn't mean avoid fruit entirely! Just try not to default all the time to sweet stuff because they like it, otherwise it might be harder to get them to eat more regular food/veg later on. What you're doing sounds fine, if your dc likes veg anyway.

Best thing to do is not stress too much though, if you offer a good range of stuff, and they eat some of it, it's good!

MrsHoarder Fri 10-May-13 20:35:54

Just try different veg all the time. Ds flings his carrots but devours pea soup, broccoli, sweetcorn etc. Basically try lots off different things served different ways and don't fret.

Gumgardener321 Mon 20-May-13 18:47:11

Managed to sneak veg into some omelette, broccoli under melted cheese and loves avocado sticks (know its a fruit but at least a bit more savoury. Taken on all advice and we are slowly getting there slowly
Thanks xx

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