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Does this sound about right?

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GingerDoodle Sun 05-May-13 20:58:23


My DD is just over 7 months old.

She's weaned really well and is on 4 x 6oz bottles and 3 meals (mixture of blw and traditional) a day (water offered with meals).

Breakfast is bottle then a while later usually a cpl of tablespoons of muesli and 5 of milk (she will rarely finish it) or 1/2 a baby a baby rice and fruit pouch and a bit of toast.

mid morning bottle

lunch; anything up to a pouch of savoury or equivalent amount of home cooked. Few spoonfuls of yogurt and maybe a rice cake or two

Mid afternoon bottle

Evening bottle then a while later 1/2 a pouch of savoury then bits and pieces of what we are having or something home cooked (lasagne & garlic bread / sausage, mash & veg etc) followed by a few table spoons of fruit it she's still hungry.

She doesn't always take all the milk but i'd say has at least 20 oz a day.

She's a happy little thing, sit's and babbles like a champion but doesn't roll (although she has once or twice) as she hates tummy time and rarely wants to be on her back when awake now.

The reason I ask is months 0 - 4 she bobbed between 25th - 9th centile for height but has now dropped to between the 9th and 2nd.

Weight wise she was between the 25th and 9th (mostly just under the 25th) but is now is just under the 50th.

I'm 5'2 (mum is 4ft 11), my DH is 5'8 so I'm never going to expect her to be very tall but i'm not sure if I should about the drop in height and rise in weight.

Thanks in advance!

(also posted in development section!)

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 05-May-13 22:02:08

Thought I was having déjà vous them till I saw that you had posted elsewhere grin

letsgetreadytoramble Sun 05-May-13 22:19:43

It sounds about right to me, and it sounds like you've done really well with the weaning. My DS is 9 months now and has the equivalent of a full pouch (I do home cooking now but didn't at first) and a tub of fruit or yogurt at both lunch and dinner. His breakfast is porridge with 4 prunes and a slice of toast. I'm pretty sure he was eating roughly the same as your little one at 7 months, though HV told me he was only to have 600ml (or 3 bottles) a day after 6 months.

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