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Please inspire me with your favourite finger foods

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MogwaiTheGremlin Fri 03-May-13 19:54:40

Am stuck in a food rut with a fussy 10 month old. He's drinking plenty of milk so I'm not too worried about calories but would love to improve the variety in his meagre diet.

He will eat:
Toast/bagel/bread/pitta etc
Raisins/dried apricots/dried prunes
Filled pasta (eg tortellini)
Spaghetti carbonara
Sweet potato wedges
Scrambled egg (from a spoon)
Yoghurt (spoon)
Fruit purée (spoon)

Will not eat:
Fresh fruit (have tried banana, blackberries, apple, melon, grapes, pear)
Vegetables (have tried carrot, broccoli, sweet pepper, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, celery, mashed potato, mushrooms)
Cereal (have tried porridge, weetabix, rice crispies, cheerios)
Fish (cod fishfingers/salmon fillet)

Sorry for the boring list, all recommendations welcome and appreciated!

goodbyeyellowbrickroad Fri 03-May-13 20:28:33

A few ideas that my DS likes:

Veggies - courgettes, aubergine, peas, sweetcorn, cauliflower and randomly edamame beans
Fruit - oranges, strawberries and pineapple

He practically inhales chicken in any form but is particularly partial to roast chicken breast in strips. He also loves homemade chicken nuggets/goujons.

If he likes egg how about Spanish omelette? I made some rather nice courgette and sweetcorn pancakes earlier this week that were v simple to put together and a hit.

CluelessMama Fri 03-May-13 20:34:19

We're only about 5 or 6 weeks in so I'm watching this thread for ideas myself, but a few things that have gone down well here that aren't on your list above are...
Rice cakes
Turnip (mashed or in batons)
Roasted parsnips
Baby sweetcorn
Eggy bread
Hard boiled egg (cut into quarters as finger food)
Boots baby creamed rice pudding
...Soup and rice from a spoon, others all finger food. Smiled when I saw toast first on your list, that's DS's favourite so it's on the menu here most days at some point!

littlemissnormal Fri 03-May-13 20:34:37

Mine loves risotto cakes; little balls of veg risotto coated in breadcrumbs and shallow fried.
Dried banana but won't eat fresh!
Orange cut into wedges which he sucks the juice and flesh out of.
Crumpets with peanut butter.
Grated cheese.
Would he eat fish in homemade fish cakes?

MogwaiTheGremlin Fri 03-May-13 21:03:10

Brilliant thank you.
I eat lots of chicken so can definitely try that and risotto cakes/oranges seem to be popular.
I don't think he'd eat fish cakes as he didn't like fish fingers but I could try other types of fish I guess.

littlemissnormal Fri 03-May-13 21:57:30

If it's just fishfingers and salmon fillet he doesn't like, could you put fish in something less fishy?
DS loves fish pie and kedgeree and tuna pasta bake.

MimsyBorogroves Fri 03-May-13 22:40:27

Both of DS1 and 2 have loved the stronger tasting fish - sardines in tomato and tuna for example. Toasted sardine sandwiches and tuna and pasta were weaning staples.

DS2 will always inhale a bowl of shreddies, even if he's ill.

MogwaiTheGremlin Sat 04-May-13 07:03:26

Children are so strange! Would never have occurred to me to try sardines but that or tuna pasta would be easy to throw together. That's lunch sorted!

NuzzleandScratch Sat 04-May-13 07:12:25

Have you tried avocado? Dd2 loves it, she'll have half a small one as a morning snack! Just make sure it's really ripe though. Alternatively, it mashes well with banana. Also, what about satsumas? Dd2 also loves those.

MogwaiTheGremlin Sat 04-May-13 07:19:34

Tried avocado when we first started weaning and he wasn't fussed but should definitely try it again. He's a lot more adventurous with new flavours/textures now so I need to remember all these things and revisit them. Weirdly he doesn't like banana (slices or mashed up) but loves banana yoghurt!

NuzzleandScratch Sat 04-May-13 07:21:47

Ha, they always love yoghurt don't they, dd2 always opens her mouth so wide for yoghurt!

sharond101 Sat 04-May-13 22:09:37

My DS hates yoghurt it's a real pain.

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