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Anyone got the Ikea Antilop high chair? Please can you do me a favour??

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BotBotticelli Wed 01-May-13 21:07:26

Could you measure the 'foot print' of the high chair when assembled, and let me know?

I live in a small flat where our dining table is in our living room, and I need a small high chair to put up at the table which doesn't take over the whole living room. Can't really tell from the Ikea website whether the AAntilop is small enough.

I don't really want one which folds away, cos we've got o bloody storage space either, so don't want it be folding it down and propping it up against the bloody bookcase 3 times a day!


JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 01-May-13 21:30:04

Just bumping for you smile

Overberries Wed 01-May-13 21:31:02

Tape measure was sitting on kitchen table, you're in luck! 53cm between back legs, 58cm between front and back legs. So that's 0.3m square

BotBotticelli Wed 01-May-13 21:41:34

Thank you ladies! will get my tape measure out now and see if that fits. Otherwise I am going to be trying to squeeze DS's fat little legs into his bumbo when we start weaning next week :-S

MisForMumNotMaid Wed 01-May-13 21:43:52

I had a table in my lounge with DS1 and used one of these

BotBotticelli Wed 01-May-13 21:45:53

ps- overberries, if you still have your tapemeasure out, how far of the floor is the tray when assembled??? Just need to work out if it will fit nicely over my dining table.

Thank you SO much for doing this. have yourself a wine on me smile

BotBotticelli Wed 01-May-13 21:46:13

*how far off the floor

JetSetWilly Wed 01-May-13 21:50:47

You can use the antilop without the tray, and use just the dining table, of course provided the antilop fits underneath your table

Or just get one of those seats that clip to the table. My friend had one-got it from John Lewis I think

JetSetWilly Wed 01-May-13 21:53:22

this one hope the link works

SolomanDaisy Wed 01-May-13 21:56:13

In bed, so not getting up to measure, but the antilop legs come off. You can then rest the seat on a dining chair for storage. Couldn't be bothered to do it three times a day, but if you need to sometimes you can. It doesn;t fit under my table assembled, with or without the tray.

JetSetWilly Wed 01-May-13 21:58:14

It fits under mine-but then my table is from ikea-would be bad planning on their part if it didn't grin

GettingObsessive Wed 01-May-13 21:59:05

Also, you can cut the legs down so that it does fit under the dining table. My BIL did this to their Antilop.

pizzaqueen Wed 01-May-13 21:59:14

How about a good booster seat that attaches to your existing dining chairs instead? Great space saver, we bought one for holidays but my DS actually preferred it to his high chair.

We had this one and it was great because tray can go in the dishwasher and the height is adjustable £24.99

But I've also heard good thing about this one but its pricey

Here's a cheaply at £8.99, no tray though.

ICanTuckMyBoobsInMyPockets Wed 01-May-13 22:01:53

The lowest part of the. Tray is 28 inches off the floor.
To get it under the table without the tray on, you'll need 29 inches.

Startail Wed 01-May-13 22:06:00

Antilop is brilliant DFs bought theirs the other day. Legs come off and you can just chuck it in the car. Really light and small.

Wish we'd had one, not the huge heavy impossible to clean think we did have.

I couldn't even sell it. DD1 broke it - climbing it.
(Regular MNers will be have heard me complain about DD1s indoor mountaineering before).

Overberries Wed 01-May-13 22:37:16

Sorry bot, just read your question once collapsed in bed! Thanks I can tuck for not making feel bad about staying tucked up!

I hope it works out bot, we have def found it a good unobtrusive option, been on the go for 3 years (2 DC) now!

Overberries Wed 01-May-13 22:37:58

Ps thanks for the wine

BotBotticelli Thu 02-May-13 10:43:35

Thanks v much ladies....hmmmm, so much to think about! I can't decide whether to get the antilop or one of those booster seats.

Problem is, we have stupid curvy plastic dining chairs also from Ikea, and I am not sure that the booster seats would safely attach to them, iyswim.

Just wish I lived in a house and not a teeny tiny flat sad

MisForMumNotMaid Thu 02-May-13 12:48:47

this would probably be a better fit on moulded chairs

MortifiedAdams Thu 02-May-13 12:51:15

What about one of those floating seats that claps on to the edge of the table?

Gumps Thu 02-May-13 12:56:11

CrazyOldCatLady Thu 02-May-13 12:58:43

The floating seats are fantastic! The Phil and Ted's one is the smallest I've seen, SIL had one and I loved it. We had a Cosatto one which was bulkier but still space efficient. Difficult to clean though! We had to change to Antilops eventually, as my mother was terrified of Hoverchair.

alienbanana Thu 02-May-13 13:00:57

These booster seats are brilliant and will fit on most chairs (they seem to in our pub anyway)

Might not be suitable for early on though..

Victoria2002 Fri 03-May-13 14:43:56

If you have the right table and the cash I love the me too for a small flat.

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