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Is this plan ok for BLW (sorry boring question I know!)

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MidLine Wed 01-May-13 12:11:43

Sorry for the repetitive question, I know lots of people do these but as the NHS weaning session I went to was shite not very helpful with BLW, I just want to make sure I'm on the right track:

So dd is 26 weeks now. She has previously had some banana, avocado, egg (allergic), broccoli, orange on an "ad hoc" basis but now I'm guessing I have to start being a bit more structured with it, so planning on giving her fruit and poss yoghurt for a week for breakfast and then maybe introducing a bit of veg at lunch etc, then get a bit more whole meal like as time goes on??

I think the main difficulty I'm having is trying to get my head around how to fit it all in with naps, milk feeds etc as we don't have a routine and she is very random with her nap times and lengths, and also we have classes etc at different times of the day. Also, with the evening meal (which I may not introduce for a while), there is no way that we will all be able to eat together as she goes to bed almost as soon as DH gets home from work which I'm sure is quite common so do you just pretend to eat something with her then have your real dinner later?! I know this is a ramble and I'm sure, like with most things baby, I'm over thinking it all but any tips are greatly received grin

Phineyj Wed 01-May-13 12:29:37

Hi, I haven't started on this yet as DD only 16 weeks, but my friend just takes a lunchbox of bits with her for her DC e.g bits of fruit, cheese, rusks etc. So that would sort the classes issue. As regards 'menus', one of my baby books has a suggested one, so there must be some online? Have you looked to see if this site and/or the NCT site has a factsheet?

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 01-May-13 21:04:29

It does sound about right but I eat my evening meal with my DC as DH gets home at varying times. If you want to eat later could she have leftovers?

Is there a particular reason you want to start with yogurt and fruit for breakfast?

Think the lunch box of bits sounds like a good idea. At that age mine just had the usual amount of bfs and then were offered food when we were eating. Had to smile at your HVs response too. Mine actually had a hanging jaw when she she asked me how many purees dd was on and I said she stole a sandwich at 23 weeks and scoffed it so we hadn't done any purees. Mind you she thinks I'm a bit of a loon probably anyway grin

AmandaPayneAteTooMuchChocolate Wed 01-May-13 21:12:10

I think you are maybe overthinking this a wee bit. You don't need a 'weaning regime' with BLW. You don't need to add foods one at a time (unless you have allergy concerns you want to monitor). And you don't need to add meals etc over time unless it suits you.

Neither of mine were that bothered about breakfast for a long time. But what I would do is offer her something whilst you eat your breakfast and lunch. As long as what you are eating isn't salty, or otherwise unsuitable (like honey) she can just have a bit of what you are eating. Sandwich, whatever.

In the evening, it's up to you. I used to dish up a tiny bit of what we would eat later, if it was suitable. Or re-heat something from teh previous night.

It's all a bit vague what I did with DD1 for evening meals. With DD2 she definitely just had a bit of whatever her sister was having, but it's frustrating to cook for one baby, so I suspect there were more days hwen she just had some steamed veggies or whatever.

CornishYarg Wed 01-May-13 23:09:27

As Amanda says, try not to overthink it or worry about a specific regime. When we started blw, I continued with milk feeds on demand, naps as required and had my meals as normal. If DS was awake, reasonably happy, alert and not hungry for milk, he joined me/us for a meal and we just offered some suitable items from our meal. It really doesn't matter if they take part in one meal one day and three the next at this stage.

DH also gets in just before DS goes to bed. We all eat our evening meal together at the weekend but in the week, I eat with DS on two nights and with DH the other three. When DS eats alone, I join him at the table with a cup of tea and something like a magazine to flick through so I'm not staring at him throughout his meal! On those nights, I either cook something that I can take DS's portion out of and then easily reheat the rest for DH and I later e.g. shepherd's pie, lasagne etc or cook something quick for DS.

Nicknamefail Thu 02-May-13 23:14:23

My dd had no routine for naps and feeds until I started weaning. I am doing blw and went to 3 meals a day pretty much over a few days ( not that she eats lots at each meal, but I always offer). At first I offered the breast whenever she seemed to want it, but now she seems to want to have milk feeds at regular times and ditto naps, which I never thought would happen though she still won't nap unless in a sling or with boob in mouth
Don't worry about structure, just offer whatever you have in, and reheat what you had last night for dc tea. Then you eat later with dp.
If you want to go slowly with introducing meals and different foods that is fine, but fine to go faster as well.

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