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Weaning at 22 weeks?

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bettybyebye Tue 30-Apr-13 20:10:31

Hi there, just wanted to canvas some opinions.
My DS is 22.5 weeks and weighs 17lbs7oz. I've recently upped his bottles to 8oz, which he has 5 x a day. He completely drains the bottles in around 10mins and often cries when it's all gone. He can sit up by himself quite well, and seems very interested when me or my DH eat. I was planning to wait until he was 6 months before weaning, but some friends today commented that he might be ready now, and that he's currently taking far more milk than their dc's did before weaning (they are a bit older). Any thoughts from you wise mnetters? smile

EggsMichelle Tue 30-Apr-13 20:16:29

My DS is 20wks and 17lb8oz, drinks 6x8oz hungry baby milk a day, so at a very similar stage to yours. No advice, but hoping to grab some of the advise (even though I created my own thread the same time as you!)

abi2790 Wed 01-May-13 15:39:04

My Ds is around the same weight and age and my hv advised it's best to wait until 26 weeks as they don't get much nutrition from solids at that age. Plus they can eat whatever we eat after 26 weeks. Hope that helps smile.

worldgonecrazy Wed 01-May-13 15:51:02

If you do BLW you don't need any guess work. If he can pick up the food himself, put it in his mouth, munch it and swallow it, he is ready for weaning. If he can't, he's not. Very simple.

As abi has pointed out, he won't get much nutrition from his food at that age, and probably won't digest much either. The BLW mantra is "food is for fun until they're one". So until he is over 12 months his main nutrition should come from milk anyway.

Hungry milk doesn't contain any more nutrition - it just contains hard-to-digest bulk additives to fool your baby's tummy into thinking it's full.

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