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8 month old early waking linked to food?

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gingernutlover Thu 18-May-06 10:03:29

before anyne jumps on me for being a moany cow I know this is not that horrendous but dd now 8 m used to sleep 7-7 and then play in her cot unitl 7.30 very happily. She also used to do a poo breakfast time and tea time.

now she is waking at 6 ish and crying, and has done a poo every morning when we go into her. She is irratible (sp?) all morning and will not resettle.

lots of people have said this is because of early morning liught and I should buy black out, she already has blackout blinds but they do let light in round edges - I have ordered some quite cheaply off ebay but am not convinced that this is the problem. I think the early morning poo is waking her up and she is not really really tired so cant go back to sleep.

doe anyone know how I can "reorganise" her pooing? Could it be her diet maybe, we have just introduced lumps and she is now eating more meat etc.

I know 6 is not massively early but it is making me very tired and upsetting an otherwise very contented baby it also makes for a very long day as she only naps for 2 hours total at the max.

PanicPants Thu 18-May-06 10:12:44

Don't think there's much you can do about the pooing, but my ds's poos are all over the place whenever he's teething. So this would account for the poos and the irritability as weel - so it could be teeth about to make an appearance.

Our ds was waking earlier with black out curtains which did let light in around the outside, so we've now bought a blackout blind to go underneath them and it has made a difference with ds now sleeping until 7.30-8am, (8.30am this morning!) So it's worth giving it a try.

gingernutlover Thu 18-May-06 10:15:33

thanks - yes you may be right about the teething affecting her poo's she has had she 1st 4 teeth all appear in the last 2 weeks poor thing but had seemed happier the last few days. will give the curtains a wirl and see what happens

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