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Is ds eating enough?

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ariane5 Sun 28-Apr-13 15:47:31

Ds2 is 12 months old. I am starting to notice how small he looks compared to younger babies (a couple of friends have 7/8 mth olds that are much bigger). Ds does have reflux still and vomits a lot/gags on food etc but I can't seem to get him to eat bigger quantities.

Yesterday he ate:

Bf at 6 am
Porridge (about 1 dessertspooon of baby porridge and 50 ml soya milk) water to drink.

Lunch-2 grapes cut up, 2 slices cucumber cut up tiny (he doesn't manage lumps well at all) and a small amount of spinach and apple puree (about 4 dessertspoons) water.

Bf mid aft

Dinner-1 alpro soya yogurt
Bf before bed
Today he has had bf again at about 6 am, same porridge for breakfast.

Half a jar of chicken and butternut squash puree ( a little 4m+ hipp jar) 1 slice of cucumber, 1 and a half small strawberries and water and a bf.

He refused to eat any more and got upset when I tried to offer him any more food.

Is that enough for him ? Other dcs by this age were eating a lot more.
He weighs about 18lb and is in age 9-12 months clothes.
He doesn't currently have dairy or egg due to reactions to both.

nextphase Sun 28-Apr-13 18:10:32

It doesn't sound like very much food, but if your offering more, and its being rejected, he obviously doesn't want it.

Mine have both always been in clothes for "younger" kids - DS1 is very nearly 4, and is in 2-3 trousers, with the waists pulled in as much as possible. We have also shown his waist will take younger brothers 12-18 month trousers, as 3/4 length!

If your worried, can you up the protein content of the food, and so the calorie content of the meals? e.g. tuna and cucumber for lunch? It sounds like he's just had fruit and veg? Tho Banana and avocado mashed together is fairly high in calories. Will he eat carbs? pitta bread and humus, pasta, rice? Sorry if some suggestions won't work because of egg/milk inclusion. Peanut butter?

ariane5 Sun 28-Apr-13 19:34:42

I try to offer more but its either met with a clamped shut mouth and a lot of upset or gagging and vomiting if I manage to get any extra in.

For dinner tonight all he managed was 4 dessertspoons of lamb casserole (lamb, tomato,aubergine,courgette,carrot, stock and cous cous) it was pureed but he gagged badly on last teaspoon of it and had to have a lot of water as he was nearly sick. With other dcs they would have eaten double that amount and a pudding of fruit or soya yogurt but he just can't manage. He clearly enjoyed the food but gets to his limit very quickly.

Might try banana/avocado it sounds nice I think he may like it.

TheFallenNinja Sun 28-Apr-13 19:37:06

Just a thought, it all sounds quite tasty. Perhaps he may prefer more bland?

nancerama Sun 28-Apr-13 19:46:01

Breast milk/formula is very calorific, so as long as his milk intake remains good, his lack of appetite won't do him any harm. My DS was offered solids from 6 months, but rarely touched anything. I just offer him whatever we are having and it's up to him if he decides to eat it or not. At nearly 2 he now hoovers up 3 meals a day, but he was about 14 months before he would eat even 3 meals a day. If you don't force the issue, he'll get there in the end.

ariane5 Sun 28-Apr-13 21:09:14

His porridge every morning is quite bland and he loves it but just gags when he has had a certain amount.

He likes mashed potato/carrot too but tiny amounts and it has to be very sloppy as he gags on anything too thick even if no lumps in it.
He will eat teeny bits of soft fruit/cucumber (the soft middle part) but only v v small pieces. He really seems hungry but gets full so quickly or vomits.
HV said by 1yr all traces of reflux should have gone but he def still has it.

I know he's drinking enough as has milk and water and nappies always wet but he is skinny and I wish he would eat a bit more.

bonbonpixie Sun 28-Apr-13 22:26:06

Hi OP just wanted to say that my DD was like this for quite a while and it finally improved a few months ago (she is almost 1)
I know this might sound counter productive but I kept offering lots of finger food as I found that my spoon feeding her I was making her gag and vomit even more. Honestly I thought that she would never get the hang of eating. But things changed when she had control over the foods going in. I think she needed to do this in order to strengthening desensitise her gag reflex if that makes sense.

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 29-Apr-13 10:48:02

If you are worried about his calorie intake could you up the number of bfs?

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