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Weaning 6mo with regular food?

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BabyRuSh Sat 20-Apr-13 01:13:35

Last night I have my baby some of the mince from the bolognese sauce I made. There was no added salt and it was just a couple of spoons. She has no trouble with lumps in her food and seemed to really enjoy it. That's ok right? My mum was a bit shocked that she wasnt having baby purees and that made me doubt myself!

ilovepowerhoop Sat 20-Apr-13 10:06:41

yes it's fine - no need for purees if your lo will take lumps

ThreeWheelsGood Sat 20-Apr-13 11:35:43

Yes, that's exactly what we're doing. Check out the NHS guidance (no added salt, as you already aware) and go for it. Have a read of the blw support thread elsewhere on this board!

Dorisday13 Tue 07-May-13 12:33:55

Yes, we're doing something similar, my mum almost had a fit when she saw my 6mo dd bite off and eat a relatively huge chunk of lamb on Sunday! <dd is usually vegetarian but dh had other ideas! That's a different story>

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