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Some stupid questions re: weaning!

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milkyman Mon 08-Apr-13 09:43:21

I have just started weaning my 24 wk son - I started giving him a spoonful of porridge a couple of weeks ago and he has now upped to 3 meals a day. I've just tried Porridge for breakfast, sweet potato lunch and baby rice\fruit puree for tea. Does this seem ok? He has quite a lot and I try and make sure he has milk too.

Do u give your baby water with their food? Would you give in a bottle or sippy cup?

Also, what do you do if youre out. I've made batches of sweet potato and frozen them. If there is no where to them is it still ok to give?

How much should you give at mealtimes. Baby wants lots but has just been quite sick.

Is 24.wks too early to wean and r finger foods ok to give to try?

Sorry, feel so stupid but am new to all this and want to get it right. Have bought karmel book but doesn't answer all my questions smile

ExBrightonBell Mon 08-Apr-13 15:17:10

You could give easily-chewed finger foods for your ds to play with, assuming he is able to pick them up and get them to his mouth? Does he do this well with toys? If so, and he can sit up well, I would give him finger food. Ripe pear (peeled), ripe avocado, banana, steamed veg such as sweet potato, carrot, broccoli would be ok. Anything that will squish when gummed by baby.

I do BLW so I don't know about quantities for purees, although food is in addition to milk (breast or formula) at this stage. Therefore I wouldn't be too worried about how much actually goes in at the mo. It's more about exploring flavours and textures for the first few weeks.

You could introduce water (I use a free flow sippy cup) with meals although it will take a while for your ds to get the hang of it.

If you are out and about I would just take ready to eat food (purée or finger foods) and put them in a lunchbag with an icepack to keep it chilled. It doesn't have to be warmed up to give to baby, unless you want to warm it.

I wouldn't worry about being too early to wean as you have started and your baby is happy taking what you are giving him. 24 weeks is not so far off 6 months, and your baby sounds like he was showing the signs of readiness.


dashoflime Mon 08-Apr-13 15:23:12

I give mine as much as he will eat. When he starts turning his head away I know hes not hungry anymore.

I give water with lumpy food and finger food but not purees. i use a sippy cup.

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