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Routine appreciating Mum's - What would you do?

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superbabysmummy Sun 07-Apr-13 08:26:57

DD is 5.2 Mths and I have started to wean her, she is FF & we had a great routine, she had a bottle every 3 hours meaning she had 6 in a day (which I know is quite a lot, all at 180-210ml, admittedly she always had a bottle or 2 each day that she didn't do particularly well with) I am trying to 'kind of' follow the Gina Ford weaning book & adapting to suit us. She never takes a bottle at waking up time which I find odd, she has a dream feed at 10pm which she takes but then nothing until 7am and then she doesn't much of it so I started her with breakie instead of the lunch so that she gets something (usually a spoon or two of fruit purée).

In the last 2 days she has started to nap for much longer at lunchtime, previously never taking more than 30 mins she's taken 2-2.5 hours missing her 1pm feed, I have taken this as an opportunity to drop one of her feeds and have a play with her routine. So what was a 7,10,1,4,7 & 10 is now a 7,10,2,6,10 with fruit purée at 7 and baby rice & cube of something else at 6pm. It's gone great & DD seems completely unaffected.

My concern is that I have dropped a bottle and something someone told me about milk being the main source of nutrients until they are 1 is nagging away at me! That said I know she can't have 6 bottles & food until she is 1, does what I have done sound reasonable to others out there?

ilovepowerhoop Sun 07-Apr-13 10:30:15

it sounds as if she is till taking plenty of milk. From 6 months to 1 year a minimum of 20oz is recommended alongside any meals. I didnt give food with milk and normally waited an hour or more after milk before offering solids e.g. at 6 months our day would have been like this:

7 - milk
8 - breakfast
11 - milk
12 - lunch
2.30/3 - milk
5 - dinner
7 - milk
in the night until 8 months - milk

You will find that as her solids intake increases the milk intake will drop but you want it to be gradual rather than suddenly cutting out lots of milk. You could also try reducing the dream feed by an ounce or 2 to see if that helps her take her morning bottle better.

superbabysmummy Sun 07-Apr-13 19:52:51

Thanks Ilovepower thanks this makes more sense to me to do dinners at separate times to milk, this is what I had been doing but books and articles I have been ready suggest otherwise, we are going with a 7,11, 3, 7,10 with breakfast at 8, dinner at 6 and eventually lunch at 12 & will see how we get on, can I ask - what times does your LO nap?

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