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Mouth closing, food dropping 10 month old

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princessj29 Sat 06-Apr-13 12:45:42

DD closes her mouth if a spoon goes towards it and turns her head away and sometimes cries. I have also tried BLW, she drops the food purposely on the floor immediately. Have tried loaded spoons, she chucks those too. I exclusively breastfeed but don't let her feed immediately before or after offering solids. DH has tried feeding her when I'm not there and she's definitely hungry (5 hours since feed) but she's not interested at all. Do I just keep offering and waiting or perhaps give it a rest for a couple of weeks then try again? Her weight is fine.

Middlesexmummy Sat 06-Apr-13 13:35:40

Hi , this sounds identical to my 12 month old . She went from eating everything to refusing most meals . This began mid feb. She would only eat certain finger foods mainly cheese , malt loaf and the tiniest bits of porridge and weetabix . At nursery she hardly eats either . It's only over the last few days that she has chosen to eat meals however that's not without throwing a complete wobbler as soon as I put her in her chair ! What I've found is that if I put a bit of food on my finger and place it in her mouth and she gets the taste then she will eat. I'm not jumping for joy just yet though as I know she can easily go off food again . Also I've not been offering her snacks in between meals which could help. Plus in the past , knowing that she s always hungry first thing and will inevitably not eat lunch , I've been probably over feeding her with porridge and toast for breakfast which then fills her up . Instead now I only give her half a sachet of porridge . Her loss of appetite did coincide with the mother of all colds resulting in croup and a trip to a and e on mothers day ! She s also not got any teeth yet but is constantly knowing her knuckles so
I know that they both would have put her off her food . My advice would be , don't stress ( easier said than done I
Know ) offer her what she seems interested in even if it's finger foods . As said mine was yoghurt , weetabix and malt loaf .
Does she still take enough milk ?

princessj29 Sat 06-Apr-13 17:34:54

She isn't interested in anything at all though, that's the problem. She loves her milk but I've tried to cut down a bit to encourage interest in solids but its not working.

Middlesexmummy Sat 06-Apr-13 18:57:28

I know it can be heartbreaking but at least she s getting her nutrients from the milk

reneaa2 Sun 07-Apr-13 12:56:00

My ds was/is slow to wean. Refused spoons from the start and never intetested in food at all. He is 22 months now and food refusing baby has now turned into very fussy toddler. I honestly think it is down to his temperament.

I just persevered, always offered 3 meals, (morning tea and afternoon tea was just his breakfast and lunch offered 2 hours later if he hasn't eaten much of those meals).

I did cut back on milk a lot after a year when I went back to work and this did help somewhat but often he still did not eat as much as others his age. I just think it is his temperament. He is a very busy, active child and is thin (although hv is not concerned about his weight). He also doesn't like food that other toddler seem to love like yogurt, cheese or pasta for example.

Now as a toddler he has a small range of foods and we eat almost the same meals every day. I am not too concerned as he does eat from all food groups (apart from dairy).

I have kept up the breastfeeding as I wanted to supplement his diet but have restricted it a lot more now.

reneaa2 Sun 07-Apr-13 12:58:46

Also he has never like runny foods and has had more solid finger foods from the start. He also dislikes any sauces on his finger foods (doesnt seem to like the mess on his fingers)

Middlesexmummy Sun 07-Apr-13 20:42:30

My 1 year old doesn't seem to
Like any other meat apart from minced lamb I've tried offering other meats but she just spits it out. She doesn't have any teeth yet so
I'm hoping that when she does she wil be ready to try other foots. At the moment we still purée her food .

Lurksome Sun 14-Apr-13 19:56:19

Wow, that sounds like my 10 month old. He loved his food but for the last couple of weeks he has been doing exactly what you describe princess.

Having had an easy start to weaning, it has got so hard now. He even refuses bread. I let him feed himself but he is only eating about half what he did before he gets bored. He hasn't increased his milk though (also still bf). Read that at this age they have a drop in appetite coupled with learning to drop food.

I have no answers for you as he is my first. It'll pass eventually I'm sure!!!

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