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BLW support thread anyone?

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MrsNPattz Sun 31-Mar-13 19:50:06

Just wondered if anyone wanted to join me on our BLW adventure, I could do with it (see my earlier thread)! We went to my uncles today, luckily my cousin did BLW with her two little ones so they were very accommodating and he tried carrot, sprout, broccoli, turkey and potato! It was very successful and it was lovely having my cousin to talk to! Unfortunately she doesn't live near us, but is at the end of the phone! What did your babies eat today?

Dorisday13 Tue 21-May-13 08:19:38

Hi, with the fruit I cut into segments then score the flesh with a fork, it's easier to grab/hold/manipulate and she sort of gums/sucks off the flesh very efficiently! Plums are a massive winner xx

leedy Tue 21-May-13 09:17:53

Thanks! Do you leave the skin on?

Dorisday13 Tue 21-May-13 09:20:54

Yes so it doesn't all fall apart! I have to retrieve the skins eventually though as my dd eventually shoves the whole lot in!!

Dorisday13 Tue 21-May-13 09:29:44

I'm off to buy peaches now smile

issimma Tue 21-May-13 11:51:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jellylorum Tue 21-May-13 21:11:56

I've been reading all the helpful tips on here and thought I'd join! My DS is 6.5 months and we've started with BLW. So far we're both really enjoying finding our mouths feet and seeing what works. Look forward to sharing hints and tips smile

leedy Tue 21-May-13 22:42:05

Just here to report that there is nothing funnier than the ferocious concentration of a baby trying to capture and eat a strawberry. The cross-eyed sweeping and gathering! The little legs kicking with excitement! The baby almost covered from head to toe in squashed fruit!

kaffkooks Tue 21-May-13 23:24:27

I've been reading this thread on and off for a while. My ds is 6 months and I'm doing a mixture of BLW and purées with him. Just wanted to share the fact that he ate a lot of broccoli this evening and now his bedroom stinks. I've opened a window but I think I'll be doing any night feeds in my room! Leedy, I agree that there is nothing funnier than a baby chasing food round the table.

HabitualLurker Wed 22-May-13 12:39:53

Thanks leedy and slightlysoupstained fusilli it is then. We actually have wholewheat in at the moment, but I'm assuming I shouldn't give that to him? All the literature seems to stress not giving wholegrain food at first - are you lot following that recommendation?

As it happens rigatoni is my very favourite pasta shape (yes, I admit, it is odd to have a favourite pasta shape..), so I'll be stocking up.

As someone has already said, try giving fruit with skins on. I was worried at first that it would be too difficult in terms of gagging (and I have got a prolific gagger/puker) but actually after just a few weeks of practice he got pretty good at eating the flesh and then just spitting out the skin.

Jellylorum Wed 22-May-13 17:53:58

On the slippery fruit front we've had success with ripe kiwi cut length-ways into quarters - gums off all the flesh and spits out the skin

Gurke Wed 22-May-13 18:16:50

Yes I also love the look of total concentration when he tries to pick up something he likes smile

I have a question for those of you with serial gaggers/pukers. So DS is now very good at picking up foods and gumming the hell out of them. But in the last few days he has started to 'bite' off (no teeth yet though) smallish pieces of whatever he is holding (e.g. apple slices, oat cookies, etc), but then inevitably gags and vomits as they move down his throat. He has now been throwing up at every meal of solids - sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Is this something he will learn to sort out on his own, or should I be worried and do something about it? He is a refluxy baby anyway.

Any ideas would be great, thanks!

leedy Wed 22-May-13 20:42:38

Today's BLW hits: large piece of grilled pork chop to gum, wedges of mango. He's getting pretty good at figuring out how to pick up pieces of squashy fruit, as long as they're firm/large enough. He is also covered with mango....

sharond101 Wed 22-May-13 22:30:13

My DS is 1yr old tomorrow and still hasn't mastered the picking up of slimy fruit. He hates bananas too, any suggestions welcome.

Kyzordz Fri 24-May-13 21:14:12

Not been on for a while but have just caught up. Lovely to read of the success some of you have had smile

I did a first aid course to help with my confidence. Ds is 28w and has been having both finger foods and purees. I usually have to give him a loaded spoon as thats how he likes to eat puree. He likes to feed anything to himself and rarely lets me feed him. This did stress me but I have just given up. Am trying to think of the positive side of things - he will learn to feed himself eventually lol.

we have tried various purees, yoghurt, ready brek, and blw wise have tried toast, broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, butternut, sweet potato, green beans, oranges, banana and mango. Oh and cucumber. I think I've missed some but we have tried a few things. Today he had chicken and loved it.

why oh why does he ferociously bite off chunks and scare the crap out of me?

have been offering food three times a day and trying to ignore how much he eats. Broccoli carrot and banana were evident in nappies though! I struggle to know what to give at lunch or a meal where what we are having isn't suitable. For the past few days he hasn't had much and had nothing offered one day as my baby sister has been in hospital but all is well and she is home now so I will try to get back into it with gusto tomorrow

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