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Weaning and steralising....

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Blackduck Sat 24-Jan-04 09:15:20

Two questions really... ds is 8+ months bottlefed and on the slush too.
1. I am still religiously steralising his bottles and his feeding spons etc - do I need to? (I ask because on the back of the SMA tin it implies it isn't necessary....)
2. He doesn't seem to want to take his last feed of the day and I'm not sure how to rejig his intake. Currently is like this:
6.30 - bottle
10.30-11.00 - bottle
12.00ish - slush
3.30 - bottle
6.00 - slush
6.30 bottle
I know those latter two are close together but he used to go for it! Should I try to cut down the 3.30 feed in the hope he'll take both the slush and the bottle before he goes to bed? Any advice....

Sorry - I lied - 3rd question...
3. He is currently teething and the nappies are this normal?

LIZS Sat 24-Jan-04 09:28:25

1. I did bottles pretty much up to a year, unless fresh out of d/washer, but spoons etc were just in d/washer or run under hot boiled water.
2.Think I might start by offering the 3.30 bottle earlier and a bit less, and then last meal a bit earlier, say 5.30. Does he have breakfast as that may enable you to offer the mid morning bottle after his lunch slush.
3. Yup , ds was worse than dd - they had a really bitter smell and were more watery than normal and overflowing !

Bron Sat 24-Jan-04 09:39:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blackduck Sat 24-Jan-04 11:16:45

Thanks...I know what you mean about the steralisation do it all and then the dog licks him ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
And the nappies -OMG all up his back, front, down legs.....

Blackduck Sat 24-Jan-04 11:24:28

LizS - breakfast really only consists of a bit of my toast! At nursery recently they have said he wants more solid (and they have fed him banana) so perhaps I need to up that a bit. The bottles btw are 8oz and apart from the last one he pretty much does them....!

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