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DS refusing milk since weaning

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MrsKoala Tue 26-Mar-13 20:40:55

i started a thread about what to feed ds on holiday but realised - when the replies came back as he gets most of his nutrition thru milk - that this isn't the right thread really...

DS doesn't have much milk since weaning at 4mo. He refused milk gradually since weaning till he stopped drinking completely a week ago - so i've stopped making a bottle up now as i was just chucking it all away.

He has 2-3 small boob feeds a day, but only really for comfort. but has stopped his formula. He has never liked milk much, which is why he was weaned so early.

this is why i'm worried that when abroad, a bit of bread for lunch isn't going to cut it really.

When i spoke to the HV about the milk thing, they said it was fine as he was putting on weight well.

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