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What does your 6/7 month old eat?

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Littlecherublegs Thu 21-Mar-13 12:29:00

Just that really - if you could give me a run down of what they have and when, that would be much appreciated!
Also, if you could indicate whether it is home cooked or shop bought, thank you!

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 21-Mar-13 12:46:14

It's a long time since my DC were that age op. Are you struggling with a particular aspect of weaning? Have you read the Mn info of weaning? It includes a useful timetable.

Littlecherublegs Thu 21-Mar-13 13:22:46

Thanks - I have a 6 month old DS who I started weaning about 3 weeks ago.
He loves it and is doing really well. I guess Im just curious about what types of things I should be feeding him, the variety / type etc. and whether or not it really matters whether it is home made or not?!

I've currently been giving him a mix of home made stuff (like pureed apple, carrot, spinach, pear, etc.) as well as some branded shop bought stuff (like Ella's Kitchen pouches and Heinz jars).
I must say he seems to like the shop bought stuff better???!! Probably because there is a mix of flavours in one pouch / jar.

Im also interested in the feeding 'timetable' of a typical day so just wanted to see what other people do.

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 21-Mar-13 13:35:47

Our dd was a spoon refuser so she just had what we had, she still had all of her usual bfs then things like ready brek with berries, banana or berries for breakfast. Eggy bread, sandwiches for lunch. Whatever I was having and then the evening meal with us.

Think the only difference shop bought stuff might make is to your pocket. You might want to introduce some more finger food though.

IdaClair Sat 23-Mar-13 22:10:27

DD is 6.5m. Today she had some pancake and slices of pear for breakfast. We had a roast at lunch so she had some pieces of roast beef, a yorkshire pudding, some cabbage strips and cauliflower, with a bit of dippy gravy. Then a lighter dinner which was just snacky stuff, she had a piece of crusty bread, some cheese fingers, a couple of cucumber sticks, some tomatoes and avocado. A fair amount went in, especially at lunch, but she does love meat and always goes straight for the pieces of meat over everything else.

TiredyCustards Sat 23-Mar-13 22:15:17

Ds is 7mo and a typical day might be banana porridge for breakfast, naan soldiers, cucumber slices and cheese for lunch, then a variation on our supper, eg half a veggie sausage, a piece of broccoli and some mashed up baked potato.

tollyandfeste Sat 23-Mar-13 22:23:29

Hiya, it's hard to know what to do at first isn't it. My DD is just over 6 months and started BLW 2 weeks ago. Typical day today, she had porridge for breakfast, marmite sandwich and a banana for lunch and yeo valley strawberry yogurt for pudding, and supper was venison stew, with mash potato and steamed broccoli and courgette. She likes main meals better than fruit confused she still has 6 milks feeds a day as BLW slow to start and lots of it goes everywhere. It's great though to see her gumming a piece of meat or toast or how enthusiastic she is with something she likes. She grabs fists full of mash and shovels it in. Was really nervous about weaning but it is now great fun. Good luck with it.

tollyandfeste Sat 23-Mar-13 22:27:42

P.s. all home cooked but I cheat and use sauces from jar, but never add extra salt etc. I occasionally have bought those goodies carrot corn sticks or a rusk as a snack if going out, but usually a breadstick or pitta bread works just as well. Avocado is great.

EeyoresGloomyPlace Sat 23-Mar-13 22:30:01

Dd2 is 6 months. Breakfast is usually half a weetabix or some toast fingers and some banana chunks, then lunch and dinner will be a mix of finger foods like carrot sticks, cheese, cauliflower florets along with maybe stewed pear or mashed sweet potato. If I'm eating something suitable then she has the same as me, pasta bolognaise for eg, but if not then I will just give her a bigger portion of mashed or finger foods.

Pretty much everything she has is homemade. I find it easier and definitely cheaper. Also dd1 used to throw up any jar food quite spectacularly, I think they have a high oil content so maybe that caused it. Don't know for sure but it has put me off them.

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