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BLW questions!

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KatAndKit Wed 13-Mar-13 19:27:15

Omelette is an easy lunch. A one egg omelette for a baby, no salt of course and add a pinch of mixed herbs. perhaps add a tiny bit of cheese. Cut into long strips. While it cools, cook yourself a nice ham and cheese omelette.

Pitta bread and hummus and tzatziki is a nice easy lunch. You can add cucumber batons for dipping too and a couple of tomato wedges. I would avoid serving bread every single day especially if you often serve toast at breakfast time. Certainly only one bread meal per day.

pasta salad is quite easy, you can make it in advance too, or even a hot pasta dish with some homemade sauce (salt free) that you made in advance.

Given that you don't have dinner till late, DS should have what you are having at lunchtime and then his own tea at about 5pm, which you may be able to gradually push later. 6 is a very early bedtime if he only had a nap at 4 - perhaps he doesn't need that nap any more and on the days when he does nap in the afternoon you can give him the third meal and put him to bed slightly later. If he doesn't sleep, don't worry about his dinner, put him to bed at 6 and he'll just get what he needs from milk. It isn't till about 9 months that they really get into the 3 meals a day thing.

sian05 Wed 13-Mar-13 14:26:43

My DS is just over 6 months. I started off weaning on purees but am now doing some finger food and want to switch to BLW. The purees are quite chunky and he feeds himself if I load the spoon anyway so it seems a bit redundant to carry on but I have a few questions! A typical day is:

7.15ish 6oz bottle
8.30am Breakfast - porridge or fruit or toast with some pureed fruit on it
9.30 Nap - will only nap for 30 mins
10.30am 5oz bottle
12.00 Lunch -have only done steamed vegetable fingers/broccoli/cauliflower florets so far and usually give some pureed veg as well
1.00pm Nap -again only 30 mins
2.30pm 6oz bottle
4.00pm Nap (again only 30 mins and sometimes he won't go down at all)
6.00pm 7oz bottle and bed
10.30pm Dream feed 4oz bottle

So my questions are:

Am I giving him enough food? I didn't want to overload him at the start but should I be offering fruit and yoghurt at lunchtime as well?

I want to add a third meal but am unsure about what time to do it.Where do I fit in dinner? Should I do it at 4.30pm when he wakes from nap? Also a lot of the BLW advice is to give them some of what you're having but we don't eat dinner til after his bedtime as my DH doesn't get in til 5.30-6.00pm so should I cook midafternoon and reheat food for us later? I'd like DS to have slightly later bedtime but he has never been a good daytime sleeper so is always really tired by 6pm but that's another issue!

Can you give me some easy lunch ideas? I tend to just have a sandwich most days but am not sure if too much bread everyday is any good for DS. If I just give him filling are the packets of ham/chicken ok along with cucumber/tomato?

Is 28oz of milk too much or should I keep giving this until DS decides he needs less? Is it worth trying to stop dream feed?

How do you deal with gagging anxiety?! I know that babies have a gag reflex that's further forward and it's all part of them learning but my stomach goes every time he does it!

Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading. I probably have lots of other things I can't think of at the moment. I keep reading BLW is supposed to be easy but I'm finding it all a bit stressful at the moment!

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