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Hardly drinks any milk, should I be worried?

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Monkeybar Mon 01-May-06 19:49:40

My ds was mixed fed due to personal circumstances, generally bf but had 2 bottles per day when younger. He took to solids really well and has 3 good meals per day. Still has 2 bottles, 1 before nap and 1 before bed. He's never been much of a big formula drinker, but today takes the biscuit - 3 oz at lunchtime and 3.5 oz just now. He's not falling asleep on the bottle, he pushes it away when he's had enough. Everything I've read says he should be having abotu a pint of milk a day. He seems to be gaining weight okay, and the HV haven;t mentioned anything, but should I follow it up? Just feel he might be missing out on vital nutrients, although I do give him follow on milk for the iron. But 6.5oz all day seems very low. (HE does drink a bit of water too)

schneebly Mon 01-May-06 19:52:24

that is not a lot of milk but if you give him lots of other dairy like cheese, yoghurt and maybe miky puddings you could up his intake as long as he is drinking plenty water too, HTH!

dandycandyjellybean Mon 01-May-06 20:02:43

Might be worth trying to use milk in his foods, i.e. in porridge, mixed into mash, made into cheese sauce etc. I get an extra 4 or 5 oz into my ds this way. .

peaches27 Fri 12-May-06 20:16:20

My dgd is just the same, but I remember my son did this too. Just as soon as they cottoned on to solids they seemed to neglect their milk intake. As the other posters suggested, I always mix some into the other foods, but still worry. I had a theory that around this time they were teething and sucking on the bottle made their gums sore, so they dropped off their milk because of that. I dont know if this is the case with your baby.

Monkeybar Fri 12-May-06 20:31:53

Could be! His top two front teeth are on the way (one has just about broken through, thankfully). Milk intake still not great, but he has been known to do 7 or 8 oz in one bottle on occasion. I do put a bit of cheese in things and make cheese sauce with formula milk. He's not a fan of yoghurt, though and pulls a great face when he realises what I've slipped in!

Mimixx Fri 12-May-06 21:35:17

have you tried very cold milk? I prepare the milk in the morning, put it in the fridge and my boy drinks it streight from the fridge. I think it actually soothes his gums.

hermykne Fri 12-May-06 22:04:14

monkeybar sont know what age oyur ds is but mine at 7mths had a breastfeed - very quick morn and evne and no other milk ebm/formula or cows at 1. stopped feeding him at 13mths and i didnt give him milk in a cup, he wasnt interested and i am not in the slightest worried about his intake of milk.
he takes a little on porridge, has some cheese ever other day, varoips milk based sauces and a yogurt occasionally. he eats brocolli - high in calcium and tbh hes fine.
dont fret or worry about it. my ds took water at 6mths from his cup , a little pereserverance, and now drinks water like a fish - ifthey drink it!!,

Ironmaiden Mon 15-May-06 21:36:51

This is my problem right now too... DD (12mths) also doesn't drink much other fluids so am very concerned. She will wake up crying 3-4 times a night now too and drink some bottle but in the daylight hours never! I'm scared shes waking cos she's thirsty and I'm doing something wrong during the day. She doesn't seem to like formula anymore. Anyone any advice for me?

LucyJones Mon 15-May-06 21:38:35

how old?

Ironmaiden Mon 15-May-06 21:44:14

12 months

LucyJones Mon 15-May-06 21:45:20

sorry, meant the original poster!! At 12 months I wouldn't worry. They can make up for it in other dairy products like cheese

Ironmaiden Mon 15-May-06 21:49:10

Ooops, sorry. Thanx anyway...

LucyJones Mon 15-May-06 21:50:57

sorry, jjst read youtr post again. I would be concerned if she is isn't drinking any water or juice in the day. Have you spoken to your health visitor?

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