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Feeding a 5 month old - does this sound ok?

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Nigglenaggle Sun 10-Feb-13 21:12:59

They need really quite alot of formula until 1yr old, so while its fine to wean a little earlier than 6mths, its not fine for them not to be getting some sort of baby milk, be it formula or breast. Its hard weaning from breast to formula and expect many weeks of resistance, but ultimately they do need it. As they grow you can include part of the ration in weetabix/porridge etc to make it easier. Persistence is the key. No-one tells you how hard it will be when they are encouraging you to bf!!

aamia Sun 10-Feb-13 19:16:09

Only weaned so he would take in SOMETHING by mouth whilst I am at work. So just for that purpose until he's six months or thereabouts. I work six hours three days, but nine hours two days.

So far we've stuck to pouches/jars/pots (choosing organic ones without fillers/additives) as they're portable and he likes most of them. He can't cope with the thicker textured ones just yet, but happily eats pretty much everything that doesn't have cream/cheese mentioned in the ingredient list.

So - one savoury 'meal' mid morning, and a fruit pot in the afternoon. On full days I'm nipping out in my lunch break to bf him so he gets some milk then. He likes baby juice but not water. Is it ok to give him baby juice on the days when I'm working nine hours, just to get more liquid into him? He will drink from a cup fine, but only if he likes what is inside. I can't express enough to really give him much ebm and he won't drink formula or much water...

Then how do we progress once he hits six months? Do we try the thicker textured purees first, then start doing our own? If we did our own now, I'm worried about it keeping, esp when DH has him all day and they are out and about.

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