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parsnips roasted in with the sunday roadt

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saycheeeeeese Sun 10-Feb-13 15:06:33

I still don't see the problem TBH

supergreenuk Sun 10-Feb-13 14:33:45

Meat juices are fine. It will add to the flavour.

nickelbabe Sun 10-Feb-13 14:29:58

saycheeeese - giving him the meat juices is the same as giving him the meat in tge fact that it's animal protein.

you can roast them in veg oil.

exiledmancityfan Sun 10-Feb-13 14:15:08

OK the same as us it is grin

saycheeeeeese Sun 10-Feb-13 14:14:01

But you're not giving him meat...only parsnips cooked in the juices, I don't think it will do any harm, my DD is very healthy and eats everything!

exiledmancityfan Sun 10-Feb-13 14:11:45

Well you're not supposed to give meat before 26wks.

cheddarcheeselover Sun 10-Feb-13 14:11:00

just give him the ones you're having. unless they're smothered in sugar or salt they're fine.
no need to puree them either!

saycheeeeeese Sun 10-Feb-13 14:07:37

Why wouldn't you give the beef tray ones?

So long as the beef is cooked I don't see the harm to be honest.

nickelbabe Sun 10-Feb-13 14:04:22

I wouldn't give him ones that have been in the beef tray.

could you cook a tray of roast parsnips separately, then puree and freeze? then yoy've got loads ready for next time smile

exiledmancityfan Sun 10-Feb-13 13:51:39

No I don't add sugar but I do put them in the beef tray.

saycheeeeeese Sun 10-Feb-13 13:50:32

Give him the ones you're eating unless to have added sugar to them.

exiledmancityfan Sun 10-Feb-13 13:42:27

DS2 is 20 weeks and I am 1 week into weaning at the suggestion of HV and GP. I want to give parsnips bect week and we are having some for sunday dinner. Can I puree them down for him or do I have to roast them seperatly?

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