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7 months and not eating...anything!!!

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littlemissnormal Wed 06-Feb-13 15:47:13

He used to have milk first thing, mid morning, lunch, dinner and then bedtime.

I cut the lunch one first and replaced with solids for about a week and a half.

Then I replaced the dinner one with solids too. It took a while but he eventually he became more receptive to it!

neshi Wed 06-Feb-13 14:30:40

Hi Littlemissnormal,
Can you explain to me how did you reduce those bottles? Did you do it gradually and which ones did you cut?
When the purees were going well, Dd only had milk at breakfast, afternoon and bedtime, so same as you were doing, but now that she's refusing everything I came back to offering milk at lunch and dinner also...

Shybairns Wed 06-Feb-13 14:11:37

I would give her her milk as normal and treat the eating of solids as her own little experiments and taste tests. Forget about her eating any fixed quantity of solid food for now.
Try sitting her on your knee when you are having food and allow her to pick up and handle things from your plate. ( good idea to put down newspaper or a plastic mat under your chair.) Don't invite her to eat, just make the food available to her.
This week she may have regressed abit with eating of solid foods. Babies regress in all kinds of ways for many different reasons, for short periods.
Chances are, with a more relaxed approach she'll be interested in trying foods again next week.

My DD loved meat and veg casseroles, roast dinners, chunks of bread soaked in soup. Bread sticks dipped in yoghurt.

littlemissnormal Wed 06-Feb-13 14:11:20

After successfully purée weaning 2 DCs I hit exactly the same wall as you have with DS2.

Refused a spoon, wouldn't really feed himself anything and it got me really worried especially as he'd had weight gain issues previously.

At his 8 month check I bought it up with the HV and she told me to reduce his milk intake. He now has 3 x 9oz bottles a day instead of 5 (one of these at bedtime) and after 3 weeks is a brilliant eater.

He still refuses a spoon but is hilarious watching him eat houmous alone, with or without bread sticks. He, so far, hasn't refused anything and eats exactly the same as us within reason. Plus seems to appreciate it more than my 4 and 6 year old!

neshi Wed 06-Feb-13 14:02:31

My Dd is a week short of 7 months and we started weaning her one month ago. She's never been a great the very beginning didn't understand the fact she needed to open her mouth but eventually she got there. I was feeding her vegetable pures and baby cereal with fruit and it went down but with no great enthusiasm. Then she started refusing the spoon...meaning I moved forward to BLW, or combined at least. She had pear, avocado, toast, rice biscuit, broccoli.
Now, for the past week she decided she's is not eating a single thing apart from milk!! And that's it...nothing goes in, no spoon, no toast, no handling things...nothing!! She's driving me insane already and I have no idea what else to seems like she's backing off weaning completely and just wants to go back to milk. She'll start screaming as soon as I try anything other than her bottle.
Did anyone had a similar experience? Any suggestions?

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