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BLWers - cutlery?!

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JumpHerWho Wed 06-Feb-13 13:46:26

Thanks, that's interesting. I should say DS is 13 months so I guess I do need to let him have a go more! I know the key with BLW is variety but it's easy to make easy stuff... even rice and couscous are a bit scary. With yoghurt he tends to use his hands whilst waving the spoon around.

gallicgirl Wed 06-Feb-13 12:44:41

I was chicken about soup etc and to be honest DD wouldn't take anything off a spoon anyway so it was hands only.
She started nursery at 12 months and was using a spoon within a couple of weeks which made me a bit suspicious of how much they were allowing BLW.

We had to try a few different cutlery designs before we found a shape that suited. She's now 2, happily uses spoon and fork successfully and sometimes has a baby knife to play with.

Hands rule initially though.

JumpHerWho Wed 06-Feb-13 12:35:51

When did you introduce cutlery and how?

DS likes his food, has a go at most stuff although there's quite a lot of expansive sweeping entire meal on to floor still! Putting on weight and happy and sleeping well so not bothered despite MiL disapproval of method

Anyway I am a bit chicken about things like yoghurt and soup - I'm trying to offer something like this at least twice a week and give him a spoon to experiment with.

Should I start putting down a spork with every meal so he can start to practise? We mostly have pasta dishes, sarnies, meat and two veg or casseroles with rice or potatoes, sometimes a stirfry, cheese on toast, scrambled eggs with toasted baguette, that sort of thing.

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