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Keeping the milk up when they go to nursery...

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SwivelHips Tue 05-Feb-13 11:53:57

OUr home day is identical Sleepless only he gets bottles in the day but I can see it going down and down. I'll ask nursery to give him the bottles with his snacks as a starting point and take it from there. smile

sleeplessinderbyshire Tue 05-Feb-13 11:49:51

on a nursery day, my DD (6.5 months) has

7am BF
8am nursery breakfast
10ish snack at nursery and bottle (3oz)
1130ish nursery lunch
3ish snack and bottle (4oz)
430 nursery tea
6ish snack/yoghurt at home
7pm big breastfeed

(1-2 overnight feeds too)

on a home day she has

7am breastfeed
830 breakfast
1130 breastfeed
1230 lunch
4pm breastfeed
530 tea
7pm big breastfeed

SwivelHips Tue 05-Feb-13 11:22:58

I already struggle with DS fitting in his pre lunch bottle (unless we have lunch at 2pm!!) so now he usually only has about 4oz about 11:30am.
When he goes to nursery though they have lunch at 11:30 so I'm thinking he'll have:
7am bf
8:00 breakfast in nursery
10:00 snack
11:30 lunch
2 pm snack
3:30 dinner
In fact looking at this his pre dinner bottle (about 430pm) is also looking in doubt. I'll send him in with 2 bottles but looking at the schedule I dont see him being hungry enough.
What do others do? We're doing BLW and would normally eat together approx 5:30pm, if I changed this to a bottle then I'm thinking his 7pm (8oz) bedtime feed would be at risk. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm probably over thinking this again :O

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