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What did your baby actually eat today?

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NellyBluth Sat 26-Jan-13 18:14:05

I thought it might be interesting, and also hopefully inspirational for those of us who might feel we're making the same things regularly! So, what did your baby - 6m to 18m, any age that still has some milk and might be playing around with weaning - actually eat today?

12mo DD had...

4oz formula when she woke up
A bowl of Shreddies and the rest of the formula (2oz) for breakfast
Some sultanas is mid-morning
Chicken and lentil stew and some tinned mandarin segments for lunch
A considerable amount of Pizza Express pizza crust to keep her distracted while we ate blush - my parents were over and food always seems to go downhill when they are here, plus it did at least keep her amused
4oz milk before her nap
A banana when she woke up
A pile of plain cauliflower and broccoli, a kiwi, and a fromage frais for dinner
Then it will be 6oz of formula before bed

Anyone else wants to share?

geegeeleigh Mon 28-Jan-13 11:48:45

dd nearly 10 months yesterday's menu:
9.15 half a bowl of readibrek with cows milk n fruit puree (normally has brekkie at 8 but she decided to have a lie in!)
11.00- 8oz bottle of formula
1.00- chickpea n spinach curry with mashed veggies n a Heinz fruity custard pot thing
3.30- veggie finger foods n a mini rice cake then 5 oz bottle of formula
6.00- fish n pasta with sauce n mashed veg n a Pettit filous yoghurt for pud
8.00- 9oz bottle before bed

heymammy Mon 28-Jan-13 19:20:39

Ds, 9 months (10 months next week)

B/f at 7ish
Bowl of shreddies with blue milk at 8

1/2 slice of warburtons raisin& cinnamon loaf for snack before am nap 10ish

4oz bottle
Scrambled egg with 1/4 of white toast for lunch 12.30

B/f after school run so 3.15ish

Small handful of Cheerios to stop him moaning whilst I made tea

1/2 burger bap spread with phili, chunk of cheddar cheese, strips of burger (only ate one strip) for tea. Prob ate around 1/2 with the rest being mushed and strewn around grin. A few spoonfuls of yoghurt for pudding.

Before bed he'll get a 5oz bottle then he'll wake twice in the night hmm ...bottle on first waking and b/f on second waking.

ElphabaTheGreen Mon 28-Jan-13 19:46:13

8mo DS eats like a horse at nursery then eats pretty much nothing with me hmm Yesterday with me he ate:

One teeny tiny end of a spoon of Ready Brek with apple purée. He refused the Weeta-Bix and 1/4 crumpet offered earlier. Remaining Ready Brek went in the bin, dogs got crumpet, I ate Weeta-Bix.

About one sixteenth of a savoury Plum pouch (we were out at a restaurant where he also ate a couple of fingertip-fuls of my guacamole and sour cream). Remainder of pouch went in the bin £1.39 grumblegrumblegrumble

A whole pot of Rachel's Organic My First Yoghurt. Empty pot (thank God) went in the bin.

Quarter of a piece of eggy bread. Dogs ate the other three quarters.

Four BFs slotted in and around there, plus about four overnight.

The end. That's the most food I'll ever see him eat, while nursery comment on what hollow legs he has. I've found weaning such a crushing disappointment because I'm a real foodie and mad keen cook with a baby who is completely disinterested in food. <sobs>

NellyBluth Mon 28-Jan-13 20:36:39

Elphaba, I'll swap for a few days - DD is currently loving her food, but I'm neither a cook nor particularly interested in food, so I have no idea what I'm doing!

StarlightMcKenzie Mon 28-Jan-13 20:45:23

7 month old

Lots of breastfeeding.

Large piece of yellow pepper (not sure how much was eaten)
Ellas kitchen pouch
spagetti bolognese (not sure how much was eaten either, baby played with it mainly and spread it around high chair - what a mess)
yoghurt (spread around high chair and mixed in with bolognese)

ElphabaTheGreen Mon 28-Jan-13 20:55:32

Nelly I was so looking forward to BLW and had all these delicious family meals planned. Turned out he was a prolific gagging vomiter (still is) so I took a step back and made him his own soups, dahls, lovingly texturised shepherd's pies, soft-cooked cauliflower-broccoli cheese, omelettes with finely chopped veg, without a gram of baby rice in sight...all ends up on the floor, in the dogs or goes in the bin. Unless it's yoghurt. Or mush given to him at nursery.


LimeFlower Mon 28-Jan-13 22:35:00

Standard:milk bar(bf),baby rice,youghurt with fruit,rice cracker

Gummed 2 thick slices of cucumber as still teething,mashed cream of celeriac with cheese and noodles(loved it) and pasta with pesto (gone within seconds)

Gulped the bottle and the milk bar.

sharond101 Mon 28-Jan-13 22:40:49


7.30 6oz breastmilk
8.45 1 weetabix cows milk + apple and pear puree
12.45 1/2 bowl chicken soup, 1/2 slice wholemeal bread + water
13.30 6ozs formula
15.30 small portion custard + 3 big raisins
16.45 sweet potato, chicken, peas, carrots and corn + water
19.45 8ozs breastmilk

BertieBotts Mon 28-Jan-13 22:41:50

DS is 4 years old and ate less than most of these so don't worry grin

He's had
1 (small adult sized) bowl of cheerios with milk
1 slice of toast with butter
Presumably - milk and fruit snack at nursery
Lunch - one quarter of an egg sandwich, two spoonfuls of a yoghurt (it was "watery")
Snack - packet of hula hoops
Dinner - one slice of toast with butter, about four baked beans
One and a half gingerbread men which we baked.

But the other day he ate so much that he was sick all night so who knows what goes through their heads confused Also lack of fruit/veg because I'm overdue a shop blush

NellyBluth Tue 29-Jan-13 09:50:22

I'm loving getting the inspiration from here - will be trying tomato and cauliflower curry, and eggy bread too for slower weekend breakfasts

Yesterday DD had:

6oz formula
Raisin and banana porridge with cow's milk
Another pile of brocolli, cauli and peas (I get stuck trying to find non-carb based meals!), half a nectarine, half a kiwi and a fromage frais
4ox formula
Some Quavers
Half an English muffin with pesto and cheese (think that was nicked from MN too) and the rest of her kiwi
6oz formula

SwivelHips Tue 29-Jan-13 13:54:20

I tried eggy bread and it was pants. No wonder DS was like hmm. Before I went on mat leave I was quite bright and I could cook. Now i'm a blethering sleep deprived fool that can't make eggy bread.
Can i ask about the crumpets and muffins - are these shop bought? don't tell me you're all frigging baking too? <inadequate face>

sleeplessinderbyshire Tue 29-Jan-13 14:08:38

yesterday 6 1/2 month old DD2 was at nursery so I'm not 100% sure what she ate because our babysitter forgot to bring her diary home

Today so far she's had

Breast feeds at 3 and 7am
830 bowl of readybrek made with cows milk and fruit puree
one of my cranberry wheats

1130 breastfeed

1230 plum baby salmon/spinach stage 2 pot plus several sppons of my baked beans and scrambled egg, 3/4 of a rachael's dairy yoghurt

She'll have a breastfeed around 4 and then tea at 530 which will be an attempt to get her to eat the casserole I made for her yesterday one portion of which was rejected after nursery (2-3 oz baby pot portion) plus some fruit puree

she'll then have a monster breastfeed at 7pm and 1-2 feeds before 7am

She is a totally piglet compared with her 3 yr old sister who eats about a quarter of the volume and none of the range

NellyBluth Tue 29-Jan-13 14:32:07

Oh, god, no, shop bought muffins! I know you have to keep salt low but I don't add salt to anything cooked at home, she eats loads of fruit and veg, so I just give her normal bread, muffins and crumpets. I think there's a fine line between doing your best to feed your child healthily and not make them poorly, and turning yourself into a wreck making every single thing from scratch.

Disclaimer: I didn't even buy pouches, DD is still fed from jars sometimes at 12mo. Little tyke loves 'em and won't eat anything else when she is poorly <grr>

Florin Tue 29-Jan-13 15:01:52

My 7 month old today has had:
7:30 when he woke had 7oz of milk
8:30 breakfast-2 weetabix with full fat milk
11:00 5oz bottle
12:45 lunch 6 potato size wedges of butternut squash, an oatmeal and apple muffin that we made yesterday and a yoghurt.
Dinner haven't had it yet but he will have some stuffed pasta probably about 8 bits and steamed broccoli probably about 5 florets followed by a muffin
6:00 7oz milk and then sleeps through the night

tory79 Tue 29-Jan-13 21:51:48

Ds is 16 months old and today he has had

7am bf
830am decent sized bowl of readybrek with mashed banana (ate most of it)
1030am a few rice cakes
1130am ellas fruit puree pouch
1215pm egg mayo sandwich (2 slices of bread) and tomato slices (ate 3/4 of the sandwich and fed me all the tomato slices hmm)
1245pm bf
3pm organix gingerbread man
5pm more rice cakes - need them to keep him occupied while I'm getting changed after his swimming lesson!
6pm small bowl of macaroni cheese with broccoli and chicken, strawberries, yoghurt
745pm bf
Then should sleep through the night

ElphabaTheGreen Wed 30-Jan-13 08:11:24

A seven month old who eats two Weeta Bix? <Gazes sadly at 8.5mo DS throwing toast at the dogs and screaming at any offer of porridge>

<hides thread in misery>

SwivelHips Wed 30-Jan-13 13:24:45


LimeFlower Wed 30-Jan-13 21:53:54

Usual:baby rice,milk bar,yoghurt with fruit,

Granny fed him:quite big portion of soup-she had to stop feeding him as he kept eating and eating.

After the soup he ate 3 big chips and chunk of chicken breast.

He's eating like a horse sometimes!

LimeFlower Wed 30-Jan-13 21:55:09

Could somebody please explain to me what readybrek is and where to find it?Thanks smile

ceeveebee Wed 30-Jan-13 21:59:11

Instant porridge stuff, no added salt or sugar. It's sold in all supermarkets in the UK

HarderToKidnap Wed 30-Jan-13 22:06:29

Really reassuring thread! I thought I had a terrible eater but maybe he is more average than I thought...

Today we had:

Small bowl of porridge with half a banana mashed in, ate about half
The other half of the banana and half an apple
Broccoli muffin, few corn snacks, half a fish ball, matchbox size of cheese, a plum, a few AK biscuits
A whole chicken drumstick, about 10 baby spoons of mashed root veg, 14 grapes and a petit filous
BF before bed.
Has BF most mornings too, depending on wake time.

sleeplessinderbyshire Wed 30-Jan-13 22:57:20

HarderToKidnap - that sounds like loads and loads of food to me

(gannet baby off solids entirely today, her 3 yr old sister only eats dry shreddies and toast and marmite/peanut butter at the moment)

LimeFlower Wed 30-Jan-13 23:29:37

ceeveebee,thank yousmile

VisualiseAHorse Thu 31-Jan-13 16:41:16

LO is 9 months. Yesterday was:

7 oz bottle.
Porridge (made with cows milk) with half a banana
Tiny bit of water
2 crepes with peanut butter and raisins
7oz bottle
2 Organix apple rice cakes
Bit more water
Steak pie, mash and peas!
7oz bottle

Loislane78 Tue 05-Feb-13 20:59:17

McPhee I'm impressed how much your LO 6.5 mo eats smile. How long did it take to get up to that much food? I only started weaning about 10 days ago and have only given some fruit/veg once a day at lunch so far. She's just shy of 6 mo so thinking I should be upping what I'm offering? I was surprised she's been gobbling stuff up so maybe I'm being stingy.

How soon did everyone start 'offering' 3 meals/snacks?

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