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Baby led weaning at 22 weeks?

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Abs2010 Mon 21-Jan-13 00:48:33

Ok, so my baby has been almost.been sitting up unsupported for ages. She is now able to pretty well and puts absolutely evertthing in her mouth. I was going to try and wait.until 26 weeks however she's just started waking up.more in the night and sometimes needing a her.
She's always been a good sleeper part from occasions such as growth spurt or sore gums so not sure if this is her saying she's ready it just her gums?
Just worried about feeding her and her digestive system not being ready.

Piemother Mon 21-Jan-13 00:52:17

Personally I would (and will be with dc2) wait. You are right it is either a growth spurt or a tooth. Calprofen was my saving grace for that. I wouldn't take the risk re her digestive system but that's my opinion only

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