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Seriously? Why the rush to wean early?

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ecat Fri 18-Jan-13 23:32:37

I really don't understand why there is such a huge desire to rush the weaning process. If the WHO says 6 months and most babies are only just starting to sit up straight enough to swallow, why are babies being made to do things that they are not physically ready for?
A bit of a rant but I just don't get it!

Seriouslysleepdeprived Mon 28-Jan-13 17:44:38

Thanks smile I know what you mean but the research suggests otherwise. It's a total arse ache & not worth the risk Imo but you have to live it to believe it.

IdaClair Mon 28-Jan-13 20:14:33

Another one weaned at 3 months here who had serious stomach issues by my late teens.

Sure, it could be one of many contributory factors, or it could be nothing to do with it at all - but when it comes to my DC, for the sake of a few weeks and a few spoonfuls of mush? Not worth even the suspicion that I might have caused it if they are unlucky enough to have issues. I am happy with the idea that internal development mirrors external, and that when a baby is capable of sitting up, reaching out, pincer grip, bringing food to mouth, biting, chewing and swallowing their systems are equipped with adequate structure (closed gut etc) and enzymes to digest said food.

LittleAbruzzenBear Tue 29-Jan-13 07:19:42

I have started weaning DS2 this week, he was 6MO last week. He is only just ready. DS1 was sitting up and grabbing a spoon at 4MO so we started him very slowly then. I am not sure, even now, that was the right thing.

Clembobita Wed 30-Jan-13 12:59:20

Hi ladies, first post as I have joined to get help with BLW smile

My first child who is now 7 was on purees by 18 weeks, I just knew he was ready. My instinct told me that was the reason he was up every 2 hours, was draining 9oz bottles every 2 hours and was just never content. He was a BIG baby, born 9lb14 and his weight gain did not slow down. Upon eating food he was like a gannet. He sat up at 5 months and I knew it was the right choice. The HV also advised to go on solids because of his size and everything I had said.

My daughter is a complete different kettle of fish. She is 6 months and is feeding every 4 hours 7oz bottles, she had the 4 month growth spurt but her food demand never increased dramatically. She can now sit up and has been putting her own dummy in for a few weeks so I decided to go down the BLW route. I started last week with things like cucumber. She is mostly playing with it but I am so glad she is letting my try this BLW route. I remember hearing about it and thinking what a load of rubbish, but fate has led me down that route.

Im going off topic here, but basically I am trying to say every baby is different. It is very confusing being a first time mum as to what is right and what is not, we learn from our own parents and our own parents were advice to wean babies young. The advice from the HV has only in the last few years changed and no doubt will change again soon.

LittleAbruzzenBear Wed 30-Jan-13 13:06:57

Hi Clem. I am going for BLW too this time. DS2 seems to know what he does or doesn't want already, picking up things he likes the look of and dropping the others!

Clembobita Wed 30-Jan-13 13:10:24

Same over here!!!

I am honestly surprised and thrilled at the whole process, watching her pick up things, taste them then decide if she wants more or not is lovely. Also her excitement when she goes in her high chair.

LittleAbruzzenBear Wed 30-Jan-13 13:17:06

It is quite a different process, but it's quite freeing and I don't feel so het up this time.

Astr0naut Wed 30-Jan-13 13:32:02

I started solids with ds at around 5 months, but he was my first and you want to keep moving on to the next thing. It was only stuff like baby rice and breast milk (god, was that a faff) and Annabel bonkers recipes. I told myself that it'd stop him waking in the night for feeds.

It didn't.

With dd, I really didn't want to start weaning her because I knew that'd be the end of my easy lunch times where ds had butties in front of Cbeebies and I bf and internetted with dd.

So I did blw instead. Much easier. Took a couple of months for DD to really throw it down her, so I had to hold my nerve, but definitely paid off.

aamia Thu 31-Jan-13 09:07:30

But what if your baby shows all the weaning signs before 6 months? Mine has been sitting next to us on the sofa for weeks and can sit with no support at all. He sticks things in his mouth and sucks/gums them then rejects as not edible, is more than double his birthweight, interested in food, no tongue thrust reflex etc.

ChocolateCoins Thu 31-Jan-13 09:25:10

I agree with you op. Even 6 months seems early to me. How can people not understand that their babies guts are just not ready for food! Or that milk has more calories than a spoonful of carrots! So if your baby is 'hungry,' give them more milk. The guidelines 'keep changing' (as the early weaners like to say) because of advances in research. This is one of the things that really annoys me.

Zara1984 Thu 31-Jan-13 10:19:13

ChocolateCoins how do you propose babies get sufficient levels of iron after 6 months if they're not weaned by then?

VisualiseAHorse Thu 31-Jan-13 16:47:11

Awful awful reflux was solved by early weaning for us. He had nothing but a few teaspoons a day of fruit or veg, and the odd ricecake as finger food, starting at 18 weeks. Then when he hit 6 months we introduced other foods.

At 9 months he eats anything and everything. Still has reflux, but so much better than it was (think throwing up in his sleep, in the middle of eating etc). I felt he was ready. Sat up (slightly supported) at 17 weeks, no tongue-thrust thing from the first mango puree smile

mindosa Thu 31-Jan-13 16:48:43

Because all babies are different and the needs of a baby vary.
Because they want to and believe its best for their child.

TarkaTheOtter Mon 04-Feb-13 18:54:41

zara they can get iron from breast milk and formula and, if you're worried, vitamin supplements.

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