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BLWers how do you do fish?

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blushingmare Thu 27-Dec-12 18:29:21

I imagine it will be quite hard for dd to hold? Meat and chicken has gone down very well and they're firm enough for her to really grip and gum them to death, but I imagine fish falls to pieces?

DrinkFeckArseGirls Thu 27-Dec-12 19:07:48

I stand DD on the bank of the river and if she catches anything, she eats.

ThinkAboutItOnBoxingDay Thu 27-Dec-12 19:09:18

Keen to know the answer. Hv said a pile of flakes for them to help themselves to. Or the blw book has a mackerel pate recipe?

ipswichwitch Thu 27-Dec-12 19:23:20

I gave DS a fish finger with the breadcrumbs cut off (he wouldn't eat them anyway). They hold together surprisingly well. You could also make a fish cake -easy enough and they usually hold quite well. DS likes tuna pasta - I use pasta tubes/twists so he can eat it by hand or now with his fork (he's 14 months)

bangersmashandbeans Thu 27-Dec-12 19:26:01

Home made mackerel pâté with pitta or bread stick dippers worked well

PotteringAlong Thu 27-Dec-12 19:27:06


DrinkFeckArseGirls Thu 27-Dec-12 19:40:52

I used to. Give DD a salmon fillet and remember being amazed how delicately she would handle it, even though she'd grab a sausage ir a chicken leg very strongly. So yes, you can offer your DC a fillet of fish.

FredFredGeorge Thu 27-Dec-12 20:49:00

DD just scooped it up in a fist and shoved it in, but it does seem from here that her scoop technique is not normally around at 6 months - but it made it easy. Salmon fillets were eaten no problem - have you actually tried?

blushingmare Thu 27-Dec-12 21:52:35

No haven't tried yet Fred , but bought some cod today and was debating how to do it for her!

Welovecouscous Thu 27-Dec-12 21:58:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FredFredGeorge Thu 27-Dec-12 22:05:34

blushingmare DD has cod from the chip shop at about 7 months, wasn't that keen - preferred the chips.

MousyMouse Thu 27-Dec-12 22:08:23

I just flaked the cooked fish (akso to be sure there are no bones) some on a loaded spoon, some picked up by hand.

forevergreek Thu 27-Dec-12 22:50:07

Just on plate/ in fish pie. Gave spoon and they would attempt with one hand and hand with the other

Flisspaps Thu 27-Dec-12 23:25:27

Fish pie. Tuna and mayo sandwiches. Fishfingers (with the crumbs on, no peeling here). Paella. Breaded cod/haddock/plaice cut into chunks.

gallicgirl Thu 27-Dec-12 23:40:33

Mackerel pate or fishcakes.

Not that she ate them but they are offered periodically.

ipswichwitch Fri 28-Dec-12 00:49:22

flisspaps, they only got peeled because DS wouldn't even touch them with breadcrumbs on- seems to have a serious aversion to the texture (strange child grin)

ipswichwitch Fri 28-Dec-12 00:50:44

Hit post too soon
He also likes his grapes peeled . Must have been a roman emperor in a former life..

Flisspaps Fri 28-Dec-12 11:14:08

Haha fair enough grin I have one who peels sausages blush

PoppyAmex Fri 28-Dec-12 11:20:16

DD loves fish (it's probably her favourite food ever) and particularly likes it when I just give her a pile of lovingly flaked fillets.

She likes cod, salmon, trout, halibut and swordfish.

Ipswich, DD is exactly the same, won't touch the breadcrumbs! She gnawed at them and then charmingly spat them out and ate the fish.

blushingmare Fri 28-Dec-12 21:48:53

Thanks for the suggestions. I ended up just giving her flakes of poached cod because I was too disorganised to make fish cakes and she did really well with picking them up and sucking on them. Not sure how much went down, but she seemed interested smile

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