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DS 7mo doesn't want yoghurt or custard.

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sharond101 Wed 26-Dec-12 23:23:21

How can I get dairy into my DS who won't take yoghurt or custard. He took custard for a month and now refuses it. I have tried every kind of suitable yoghurt without success and tried adding fruit. I gave him angel delight which he loved but then realised it was quite high in salt. What else can I give as a pudding?

VisualiseAHorse Wed 26-Dec-12 23:27:51

You don't have to give a pudding.

But if you really want to, you could give porridge, made with cow's milk/breast milk/formula. Or plain pureed fruit. Or cheese.

ChocolateCoins Wed 26-Dec-12 23:29:38

They don't have to have dairy unless there is a specific reason? Your DS can get calcium from other foods. And tbh custard and angel delight aren't the best choices for such a young baby as they are full of sugar. Maybe fruit as a dessert? I'm sure you can buy baby desserts from supermarkets.

BikeRunSki Wed 26-Dec-12 23:33:56

My 4yo DS has refused anything of that kind of consistency since he was about that age; no yoghurt, custard soup, stew, mash... he usually has fruit, muffin or a biscuit for pudding, or nothing. Sometimes he'll have rice pudding.

fidelma Wed 26-Dec-12 23:39:52

I agree he doesn't need any. As long as he is having milk.

He really doesn't need a pudding - but if his dairy intake is low, maybe cheese (in sauces) or porridge.

ItsIgginningToLookALotLikeXmas Wed 26-Dec-12 23:46:50

Is he not still on milk?
Food wise, I use small quantities of milk in most mashed or pureed food - eg carrots n parsnips, mashed with some milk, or with weetabix, or even baby rice.
I really want some angel delight now though, but no way is my 7 month old getting any!

sharond101 Thu 27-Dec-12 09:37:19

He is still on milk yes, I just worry he will turn into his Dad who takes no dairy whatsoever! He has weetabix or porridge in the morning with fruit and sometimes breadsticks or cheese as a snack.

mummybare Thu 27-Dec-12 17:16:44

Cheese sauce with pasta or cauliflower/broccoli is an easy option although watch the salt levels.

As pps have said, though, I wouldn't worry at this stage - the majority of his nutrition comes from his milk.

IWipeArses Thu 27-Dec-12 17:26:21

Dairy isn't compulsory, as long as he's getting sufficient breastmilk or formula.

forevergreek Thu 27-Dec-12 22:51:35

Lots of veggies are high in calcium, look them up and offer Instead. Many cultures et no dairy

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