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Is this usual behaviour around food, and will it transfer to an easy to wean baby?

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aamia Sun 23-Dec-12 00:23:26

Whenever we cook, and there are smells of food (so dinner time), DS gets VERY cross when I eat, and has done for a while now (he's 3 months old so another 3 months again to go before he can join in!!!). At first, he was satisfied with a bf, so I either fed him while eating, or just before while the food was cooking. He still often tried to grab what I had - made for interesting dinners! Tonight he threw an absolute baby tantrum - initially cried, I offered feed but he did NOT want boob, screamed angrily and was very cross. Now I do actually need to eat, so popped him in his basket next to me - still bright red and screaming. Once I'd finished and there was nothing left, he had calmed a little and was willing to feed. Am not looking forward to three more months of this! So - at the end, will it taste to him like he thinks it will? Or will he have wanted this stuff Mummy eats for so long he'll think it will be amazing and it actually won't be? 'Twas only tacos...!!

JingleJohnsJulie Mon 24-Dec-12 13:25:30

I had this with DS and he's still greedy at 8yo! We had one of those swinging chairs and he would quite happily go in that or the door bouncer when he was old enough, it gave me time to eat. It absolutely no sign of readiness for introducing solids, and don't worry too much, my DS too to solids like a dream and has always enjoyed his food. All he needs right now is your milk smile

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