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organix selection boxes

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littlemissmulledwine Thu 13-Dec-12 16:50:48

has anyone found one? they are out of stock online and my local boots doesn't stock them

feekerry Thu 13-Dec-12 18:43:00

My local boots has them so maybe try another boots. Also in my local sainsburys

littlemissmulledwine Thu 13-Dec-12 19:35:04

where in the boots store were they? my friend is going to check in nottingham but not sure if they are in with baby food or xmas presents

GaryBuseysTeeth Thu 13-Dec-12 19:49:17

They only have them in the 'big' Boots around here (not seen them in other shops), and they're with the baby food (on the end shelf display or on the 'special offer' plastic stands that Boots put ontop of normal shelves, if you know what i mean)!

Good luck finding one!

littlemissmulledwine Fri 14-Dec-12 19:58:21

my friend managed to find one in the baby section grin


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