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Rapid weaning?!

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belindarose Tue 04-Dec-12 06:50:33

I'm all for the slow and steady, food is fun before they're one approach. DD (now 3) loved BLW and thrived on it.

However, I am in the position of having to get 5 month old DS to eat solid food so that I can get his feeding tube out and get us out of hospital! He's in for 'failure to thrive' made worse by norovirus last weekend.

He's quite able with his hands but tiny and slumpy when sitting. DH is bringing our bumbo today as the high chairs here are not supportive. He had some fun with a doidy cup yesterday and liked getting the milk in his mouth. The day before, he refused all attempts by a nurse to spoon feed him.

Any tips for getting this to work? It feels quite against how I'd really choose to approach it, but I've accepted it as the way to go and need this NG tube out!

JustAnotherLlama Tue 04-Dec-12 21:18:04

Have you tried sitting him on your knee while feeding him? We weaned Ds at 4 months (advised) and found that sweet vegetables or fruit puree while sitting on a knee worked wonders. We started with Ella's pouches for ease, plus the fact they're organic and had baby rice in them which kept the health visitor happy.

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