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Finger foods

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lalabaloo Mon 26-Nov-12 18:41:44

Hi, I'm after some advice on finger foods for 6mo DS, we started on puree and are now doing a mix of puree and finger foods. He enjoys eating and likes a variety of flavours.

What would you recommend for finger food? So far he has rice cakes, those corn finger things, cooked broccoli and cauliflower, raw carrots and pepper, and satsuma and banana in one of those food net things.

I'm really worried about him choking, he tries to stuff everything straight in his mouth, I'm sure he could manage more finger foods but I'm not sure what to try next

ElphabaTheGreen Mon 26-Nov-12 19:46:27

I'm doing Baby-Led Weaning which basically is anything and everything is fine as 'finger foods' (foods so far: toast with avocado, cheese omelette, crust of bread dipped in soup, fusilli pasta with pesto, courgette and mushroom quiche, cheesy rice and veg bake...). As long as you're sensible and avoid the obvious choke hazards, like whole nuts and grapes, the risk of choking is very low as babies have a very prominent and protective gag reflex. I went to an NHS-run weaning workshop the other day and the presenter made an interesting point - gagging is an essential part of weaning as, without it, babies won't learn to chew. Your DC isn't going to learn not to shove everything in if they don't gag so you might just need to sit on your hands for a bit. They work it out pretty quick smile If your DC can sit up well, and you're next to them the whole time, leave the straps of the highchair undone if it's safe. This gave me a bit of peace-of-mind that I'd be able to get DS out quickly to pound on his back if things went awry.

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